Partners Zhu Maoyuan, Wang Fei Lecture for China State Construction Eng. Corp. Ltd. 2009-09-01

On August 21, 2009, Zhong Lun Law Firm partners Zhu Maoyuan, Wang Fei lectured for dozens of investment and management personnel, project managers and in-house counsel of China State Construction Eng. Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC) on major legal issues of real estate development. Based on their experience, they discussed main legal issues concerning the whole process of real estate development with participants.

CSCEC is the largest building and real estate enterprise in China, as well as the top international contractor in China, with its business scope ranging from housing construction, international building contracting to real estate development and investment, from infrastructure construction and investment to prospecting and designing. CSCEC was successfully listed on the A share market on July 29, 2009, the largest IPO on the global market of this year until now.