New Partners Join the Firm 2005-02-02
As a new step in the legal career, four senior associates of Zhong Lun, Messrs. Liu Jianwei, Lu Hongda, Cheng Baojun and Ms. Lan Huanting were approved to become partners of Zhong Lun upon examination and vote by all the partners in the partners meeting on January 30, 2005. The partnership system of Zhong Lun creates a good opportunity and support for the associates to their career development. By accepting new partners the firm not only injects new blood into partnership but also strengthened the foundation of further development and overall strength of the firm as well.

Mr. Liu Jianwei, LLB of International Law of Beijing University, LLM of the joint program of Temple University, USA and China Political Science and Law, China. Obtain the Qualification of Lawyer in 1995. Specialized in international trade, antidumping investigation and responding and foreign investment, etc. Worked in the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters in charge of responding to the antidumping case launched abroad and participated in responding of more than 20 antidumping cases abroad. Served as third secretary of economic and commercial counselor in the Chinese Embassy in Republic of Estonia in charge of trade and government aid. Joined in Zhonglun (Beijing) in November 2004 and working in the International Trade Group. Participated in the edition of How to Respond to Antidumping Case Abroad and published dozens of legal articles in newspaper and magazine at state level.

Ms. Lan Huanting, LLB of International Law of Beijing University and obtained the Qualification of Lawyer in 1995. Worked in the People’s Court of Fengtai District of Beijing and Beijing Branch of Bank of China. Worked as an attorney in 1998 and joined in Zhonglun (Beijing) in September 2001 specialized in real estate, real estate finance and dispute of commercial bank. Settled many litigation arising out of loan, guaranty, bill and settlement dispute representing several commercial banks. Provided legal service to numerous real estate projects including Beijing Jianwai SOHO, etc.

Mr. Lu Hongda, LLB of South Western University of Finance and Economics, LLM of Law School of University of Dundee, UK, interned in a law firm in UK. Member of Environment and Resource Committee of All China Lawyers Association and an international environmental organization. Worked as an professional attorney in law in 1994. Joined in Zhonglun (Beijing) in June 2000 specialized in restructure of enterprise, public listing (in and outside China), legal consultation and foreign-related investment. Worked for international environmental protection for public benefit for years .

Mr. Sheng Baojin, LLB of Wuhan University, LLM of Chicago-Kent College of Law and MBA of Fudan University. Obtained the Qualification of Lawyer in 1996 and the Qualification Certificate of Economic Specialty in Finance Field in 1995. Worked as an attorney since 1997 and joined in Zhonglun in 2004 specialized in foreign investment, merge and acquisition and medical hygiene. Represented several state-own commercial banks and shareholding banks in guaranty and loan litigation and settled disputes of joint construction of property and land use right.