Zhong Lun Scholarship Benefits Ten Law Students 2005-01-17
In a ceremony held in the afternoon of January 12, 2005, 2005 Zhong Lun Scholarship was handed over to the representatives from law schools of Beijing University, Tsinghua University, People’s University, China University of Political Science and Law and University of Foreign Economy and Trade. All members of Executive Committee as well as Mr. Song Chunjie of Beijing office attended.

Zhong Lun Scholarship was set up by Zhong Lun to support the law students in financial difficulty in the five law schools with the fund donated by all of Zhong Lun’s partners. The law schools will identify 10 top students in financial needs to share the RMB50, 000 scholarship each year. The firm has committed that from January 2005 to January 2007, the firm will donate RMB50, 000 each year as the scholarship for the top students in financial needs to release their financial distress.

Mr. Zhang Xuebing, on behalf of Zhong Lun, spoke of Zhong Lun’s care and expectation to the students, and encouraged them to cherish the valuable school time and to face the difficulties in positive attitude and down-to-earth unremitting efforts. Mr. Zhang welcomes the excellent law students who want to pursue a law practice career to join the firm after graduation.

The deans, including Mr. Gong Wendong, deputy dean of Beijing University Law School, expressed their gratefulness to Zhong Lun’s donation. They highly remarked Zhong Lun’s generosity and care of the law students. In return, the deans encouraged law students to work harder for better academic achievements.

Being a law student means that one must devote oneself fully to study. Only those who has committed to hard work may survive in the tough competition in law practice. Zhong Lun scholarship is designed to support the committed law students of the five top law schools in their struggle for successful career. At the meantime, this scholarship will also promote networking and cooperation between Zhong Lun and the five top law schools.