First Session of 2005 Annual Partner’s Meeting 2005-02-02
From January 29 to 30, 2005, the first session of annual partner’s meeting of 2005 was held in Beijing. Attendants included 37 partners from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen offices. Mr. Wu Peng, a member of the executive committee, presided the meeting. During the meeting, the annual review reports of three offices were given by Mr. Zhang Xuebing, director of the executive committee; Mr. Qiao Wenjun, head of Shanghai Office; and Mr. Lai Jihong, head of Shenzhen Office, respectively. The annual work reports of three offices have been reviewed and approved by all attending partners. The partners have also discussed in groups and voted on issues with respect to acceptance of new partners, staff salary adjustment plan, 2005 budget plan, risk control policies, department responsibility, and the key operating issues for the year 2005.

Since 2002 the firm has made progress substantially and now it ranks top among Chinese law firms in terms of overall achievements. Within the year 2004,there are total 9 partners, 41 associates and legal assistants have joined Zhong Lun in three offices, and that will add our total stuff in 2005 up to over 300. In addition, in Beijing Office we have expanded office space additional 680 square meters to total 3220 square meters. In Shanghai Office we have the space of 1100 square meters after expansion. Most importantly, we have more cooperation in 2004 among different departments, partners, associates between and within our three offices. The administrative, human resource and financial management were substantially improved to become more standardized and operable, so the management of professionism, risk control, work attendance checking system and training program have been further strengthened. At the same time, the working condition had been improved through computerizing, networking and application of up-dated information technology and office appliances.

The prospect of year 2005 is bright. To bring it to reality, all partners recommitted to pay more efforts to further enhance the partnership system, establishment of the brand-name of “Zhong Lun”, professional departmentizing and cooperation, innovation of professional services, risk control from lawyer’s career, information filing system and market development. To bring the firm up to the international level is and will always be the goal that Zhong Lun pursues now and in the future.