Recent Transactions

Zhong Lun assisting Gezhouba Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd in acquisition of 100% equity interest of Sistema Produtor São Lourenço S.A, Brazil 2018-05-31

China Gezhouba Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd, through its Brazilian subsidiary, has acquired 100% equity interest of Sistema Produtor São Lourenço S.A. owned by Camargo Correa Group and Andrade Gutierrez Group of Brazil and has obtained related water supply concession ("this Project"). Upon completion, this Project will be able to provide 410,000 tons of daily water supply which can satisfy the demand of 1.5 million people. It will substantially alleviate the water supply shortage in São Paulo area and will become an important infrastructure project to promote local economic development and improvement of people's livelihood. This Project is one important “One Belt One Road” project and its total investment amounts to approximately 860 million US dollars, which ranked 36th in the recently released Deal Globe Hurun China Cross-Border M&A Report 2017.


Zhong Lun, as the legal counsel of China Gezhouba Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd, has provided full legal services for this Project with the support of a prestigious local law firm, including conducting the legal due diligence and issuing DD report, participating in design of the transaction structure, drafting and negotiating the transaction documents, assisting in implementing project financing and assisting in closing of this Project. The legal team for this Project was led by partner Mr. Zanxin ZENG and was composed of  of <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: -apple-system-font, BlinkMacSystemFont, " helvetica="" neue",="" "pingfang="" sc",="" "hiragino="" sans="" gb",="" "microsoft="" yahei="" ui",="" yahei",="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 15px;="" letter-spacing:="" 0.5px;="" text-align:="" justify;"="">Non-equity Partner Mr. Wangqing SUN and lawyers Mr. Yaming WU, etc.