Recent Transactions

Zhong Lun Advised ABC International Holdings Limited on Its Successful Issuance of Panda Bonds 2018-08-31



Recently, ABC International Holdings Limited (“ABC International”) as the issuer obtained approval from the People’s Bank of China and successfully issued RMB 3 billion financial bonds denominated in RMB by way of private placement in the China Inter-bank Bond Market (the “Panda Bonds”).  This is the first Panda Bonds successfully issued in the China Inter-bank Bond Market by a Hong Kong investment banking institution.


Acting as the PRC legal counsel to the issuer, Zhong Lun provided thorough legal service to ABC International on its successful issuance of the Panda Bonds, including reviewing of the application package and the issue documents for the Panda Bonds and the issuance of PRC legal opinion etc.  Partner Xianghong (Shirley) WANG and non-equity Partner Xiaoping (Grace) CHEN led Zhong Lun team on this transaction and executed the PRC legal opinion for this deal, with principal support by Associate Yuanding (Samuel) HE, Li ZENG, Baihui LI and Bingyuan LI etc.