Capital Markets/Securities

Capital Markets/Securities

A Top-tier onshore and offshore securities practice with recognized professional teams

Zhong Lun Law Firm was one of the first Chinese firms to establish a capital markets/securities practice. Over the past two decades, we have accumulated considerable expertise in a wide array of securities-related legal services. Zhong Lun has advised nearly 1,000 major Chinese companies on their onshore and offshore offerings and listings of A-shares, B-shares, H-shares, red chips, equity shares, etc. on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, SEHK, NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, as well as exchanges in Toronto, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Taiwan, Australia, Korea and Frankfurt. Zhong Lun has carefully developed a close rapport with securities regulators, stock exchanges, heavyweight investment banks both at home and abroad, audit and appraisal institutions and listed companies in many countries and regions to ensure that we can provide the highest-quality legal services for our clients. 

Scope of Services

Equity Capital Markets
  • Pre-IPO restructuring
  • Private placement
  • Domestic and overseas IPOs
  • Refinancing of listed companies by stocks, convertible bonds, bond depository receipts, REITs and other financing instruments
  • Back-door listings
  • Acquisitions, mergers, divestments, major assets restructuring, delisting and relisting of listed companies
  • Division and repurchase of shares in listed companies
  • Corporate governance
  • Design of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans
  • Post-listing information disclosure
  • Listed companies
  • Formation of securities investment funds and asset management
Debt Capital Markets
  • Corporate bonds
  • Enterprise bonds
  • Financial bonds
  • Short-term commercial paper
  • Mid-term notes