Zhong Lun Being Invited To Conduct A Lecture On Financial Business Innovative Research In Nantong 2017-03-31

Led by Partner Eric Jinquan Zhang, together with partner Wei Bao, lawyers Song Qian and Alan Li Xiang from Shanghai office and lawyer Yuanyuan Yu from Beijing Office, Zhong Lun formed a legal team and was invited to give a lecture on financial business innovative research on 21 Mar 2017 in Nantong. More than 100 participants from Nantong municipal government’s Office of Financial Serves, People’s Bank of China Nantong Branch (PBOC Nantong)and over 30 commercial banks respectively took part in the lecture. Deep communication and discussion were mainly around financial business topics as disposal of non-performing assets, PPP, etc.


As the “North Gate” of Shanghai, Nantong is located at the new “outlet” point of the Yangtze river belt, Yangtza River Delta metropolitan area and multi-layer city development strategy alongside the coast of Jiangsu Province. As the legal counsel for PBOC Nantong, Zhong Lun actively assists it in constructing an innovative financial and legal communication platform among People’s Bank of China, financial institutions and law firms to investigate and discuss together both hot and hard issues on financial and legal sides to promote the development of Nantong financial business and create a win-win situation in law and finance cooperation.