Los Angeles Office Held Seminar on IP Protection in China Featuring Dongxiao Ma, Partner of Beijing Office 2017-06-26

On June 21, 2017, Los Angeles Office held a seminar on IP Protection in China featuring Mr. Dongxiao Ma, partner of Beijing Office, where Mr. Ma presented the theme speech and Mr. Donald Wilson, senior counsel of LA Office attended and made remarks. Guests include Mr. Nathaniel Osher, Senior Vice President of Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., along with his colleagues., local lawyers from other firms in Los Angeles, and scholars and lawyers from the University of Southern California Law School.


Mr. Ma introduced common issues with regard to IP protection in China arising from US entities’ business in China, as well as his suggestions on corresponding solutions, with respect to trademark, patent, copyright and other IP departments. Mr. Ma also introduced some well-known cases involving his representation, demonstrating the trends of IP practice in China. The speech received enthusiastic acclaims from the guests. Audience were deeply interested and passionately involved in discussions following the speech with Mr. Ma, Mr. Wilson, and other attorneys of Los Angeles Office.