Partner Sun Wei Co-Sponsored the Permanent Forum of China Construction Law and Takes the Post of Secretary-General 2017-07-10

After half a year’s preparation, the Permanent Forum of China Construction Law (the “Permanent Forum”) was formally established on 14 June 2017, following the signing of its by-laws by all founding members. Partner Sun Wei at Zhong Lun Law Firm, as the chief editor of China Construction Law Review, is a chief sponsor and organizer of the Permanent Forum and takes the post of Secretary-General. Apart from Sun Wei, the other Secretary-General shall be a representative from the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.


The Founding Members of the Permanent Forum are: the Applied Law Research Center of the Supreme People’s Court; Beijing Arbitration Commission; China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; Shenzhen Arbitration Commission; Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission; Guangzhou Arbitration Commission; Shanghai Arbitration Commission; Ningbo Arbitration Commission; and Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shanghai International Arbitration Center).


The Permanent Forum is composed of: Members’ Meeting; Founding Members’ Commission; Working Groups; Expert Consultation Commission; Observers; Presidents and Vice Presidents; and Secretaries-General and Deputy Secretaries-General. The two Secretaries-General and eight Deputy Secretaries-General shall form the Secretaries -General’s Meeting and be responsible for the normal working activities and functioning of the Permanent Forum. The main responsibilities of the Secretaries-General and Deputy Secretaries-General include: Establishing working groups, selecting topics for discussion, researching; Convening and organizing Members’ Meeting; Promotion of the Permanent Forum and accession of new members and Observers; Promoting and publishing the research results; Drafting the regulations; Managing the websites; Administrating the WeChat official account; Financing and budgeting; Evaluating the support provided by members and observers to the Working Groups’ research and the promotion of research results.


Since its establishment, the Permanent Forum is open to accept non-founding members such as arbitration institutions, courts, tribunals, legal research institutions and industry associations. Enterprises, institutions and law firms that are not eligible for membership but interested in contributing to the Permanent Forum may apply to become observers and Participate in research and discussion. The Permanent Forum is for public purposes and not-for-profit. By organizing Working Groups to complete high quality research and through its members and observers’ campaign and promotion of the research results, the Permanent Forum aims to promote the consensus among construction law practitioners on specific issues and thereby improve the efficiency of the dispute resolution process and the predictability of the outcome.