Zhong Lun Partner Wilson Huo Attended the First Conference of China Forum on Banking & Financing Arbitration and Delivered a Keynote Speech 2017-07-18


On July 7th, 2017, the First Conference of China Forum on Banking & Financing Arbitration was held in Huhhot. Representatives from governments, industry associations, arbitration institutions, financial institutions and law firms participated in this forum and discussed in depth issues on the topics such as ADR of banking and financing disputes, enforcement of banking and financing arbitration awards and cooperation between industry associations and arbitration institutions on banking and financing disputes resolution.


Mr. Wilson Huo, a partner from Zhong Lun Law Firm, delivered a speech with the focus on “New Trends, New Challenges, New thoughts of the Banking and Financing Disputes ”.


In his speech, Wilson introduced the current four trends and internal and external challenges of the banking and financing disputes. He pointed out that banking and financing disputes have revealed four new trends under the New Normal, namely complexity, expansion, quantification and crowded disputes, and the resolution of such disputes is more complicated. Futhermore, Wilson analyzed the key issues of dispute resolution in banking and financing areas, explained the “Arbitration +” ideology and further proposed the concrete advice from several aspects. This speech was highly praised by the participants.



In recent years, with the rapid economic development and the increase in the number of banking and financing disputes, the use of ADR way to resolve banking and financing disputes has become a global trend. In the field of banking and financing arbitration, Zhong Lun provides legal services for domestic and overseas financial institutions and investment/ financing institutions. The success of this forum has created a new situation in China's industry arbitration, and has written a new chapter in China's banking and financing arbitration. It is a model of cooperation between financial industry associations and arbitration institutions, which is of great significance to promote the perfection and development of industry arbitration system.