Zhonglun met with Canadian firm 2017-09-28

September 25th, 2017, Mr. Xiangwen Liu, Mr. Jun Cheng, and Mr. Shiduo Xu, partners of Zhong Lun Law Firm Beijing office, met on behalf of Zhong Lun with the visitors from Blake, Cassel & Graydon LLP, one of Canadian top law firms, including Mr. Michael Laffin, the Chair of Asia Region, Mr. Graham Mcleod, managing partner of Middle East offices, Mr. Zaichi Hu, partner of Vancouver office, and Mr. Tim Sunar, partner of Middle East office. The two sides had had an in-depth conversation on the prospective development of their incoming business cooperation.



At the beginning of the meeting, the partners of Blakes firstly made a comprehensive introduction to the size, practice fields, legal service abilities of Blakes, as well as the business environment of Canada. Blakes has five Canadian offices based in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa. It also has offices in New York, London, Beijing, and of the Middle East in Manama (Kingdom of Bahrain), Riyadh and Al-Khobar (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Blakes' practice extends throughout Canada, covering all major fields of legal services. It has senior experts and outstanding lawyers in many fields such as energy sources, mining, construction and infrastructure, etc., rendering itself with one of the top law firms in Canada which provides high quality legal services to the clients. Blakes’ Chair of Asia Region, Mr. Michael Laffin, indicated the increasing and flourishing commerce between China and Canada, and the various opportunities of Chinese companies of investment and commerce in Canada, from which significant demand for legal services arises. Blakes expects to establish friendly long-term cooperative relationship with Zhong Lun, one of the top law firms in China, to explore future business collaboration and development.


Mr. Xiangwen Liu, Mr. Jun Cheng, and Mr. Shiduo Xu then introduced to the Blakes’ partners comprehensively with the overall situation and the booming development of Zhong Lun in the recent years. They presented emphatically the democratic and transparent management system of Zhong Lun, as well as Zhong Lun’s core values of "professional, enterprising, embracing, and sharing", and presented detailedly Zhong Lun’s rich experiences and professional advantages on various fields including real estate, construction and infrastructure, energy sources, mining, outbound investment, merger and acquisition, compliance, dispute resolution, etc. They also expressed Zhong Lun’s openness and willingness towards future cooperation between the two firms.




After nearly two hours of in-depth conversation, both sides believe that, in the context of China’s “the Belt and Road Initiative” and the trend of economic globalization, Zhong Lun and Blakes, as the top law firms rooted respectively in China and Canada and both possessing prominent advantages on their localized legal services, have extensive space of cooperation.