Partner Wilson Huo compiled the China Chapter for The Banking Litigation Law Review 2017-11-13

Mr. Wilson Huo, a partner from Zhong Lun Law Firm, was invited to write the chapter on the mainland of China for The Banking Litigation Law Review. Compiled by The Law Review and published on September 2017, this book provides insight and legal analysis concerning financial legal framework and practice in the major jurisdictions worldwide. Its authors are experienced lawyers in banking dispute resolution circle from the world top law firms.


Focusing on the mainland of China’s financial legal system, Wilson provides valuable insights from theoretical and practical perspectives. After giving a comprehensive introduction to the mainland of China’s financial legal system, Wilson analyzes how banking litigation and disputes have been affected by the financial supervision system with Chinese characteristics and the mainland of China’s judicial reform. One of the key issue is on how to utilize the mainland of China’s interim measures system supported by court proceedings. Furthermore, Wilson discusses various types of banking and financing disputes in the mainland of China and summarizes certain typical recent cases as well as the rules applied therein along with their legal reasoning. In the end, Wilson makes prediction for the new trends of banking disputes in light of his observation of the mainland of China’s development and tendency of financing and banking businesses.


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