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Zhong Lun Advised SIIC Environment on Its Successful Listing on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited 2018-03-30

On 23 March 2018, SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd. (Stock Name: SIICENVIRONMENT, Stock Code: 807.HK, hereafter referred to as “SIIC Environment”) was listed by the way of introduction on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.  SIIC Environment is incorporated in Singapore and listed on the main board of Singapore Exchange Ltd. (Stock Code: BHK.SG). Through this successful listing by the way of introduction, SIIC Environment achieves its goal of dual listing on the main board of Hong Kong and Singapore.


SIIC Environment is a leading integrated operator and investor in China’s environmental industry, with an established nationwide network. Its high-quality projects span the industry value chain in the wastewater treatment, reclaimed water treatment, sludge treatment, water supply and waste incineration sectors. It has a scalable project portfolio of 120 wastewater treatment projects, six reclaimed water treatment projects, nine sludge treatment projects, 19 water supply projects and two waste incineration projects covering 18 provincial-level administrative divisions in China.  According to Frost & Sullivan, in terms of total operational capacity as of December 31, 2016, SIIC Environment was the third largest municipal wastewater treatment operator in China.


Acted as the PRC legal advisor to SIIC Environment since January 2017, the Zhong Lun team was led by Partner Julia Y. Zhu, with principal support by non-equity Partner Ted Hu and Associate Yang Zhong. Other team members participating in this project included Kelly Leng, Yanming Chen, Dora Hsu, Laurel Cao, Charlie Liu, Phoebe Zhang, Annie Chang, Yuan Shen, Maggie Ni and Fred Yang.  Other parties involved in this introduction included Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited, the sole sponsor, Paul Hastings, the Hong Kong legal advisor to SIIC Environment, Mayer Brown JSM, the Hong Kong legal advisor to the sole sponsor, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, reporting accountants and other professional institutes. 


Under the circumstance of involvement of over one hundred beneficially owned domestic companies and projects all over the country and tremendous workload, by adhering the spirit of dedication, professionalism, meticulousness, the legitimacy and compliance as the foundation, and the concept of “Customer First,” Zhong Lun team, with the courage to explore and full devotion of wisdom, assisted client actively in overcoming numerous challenges and perfectly completed the task of promoting SIIC Environment to attain the strategic object of sailing in Hong Kong capital market through intensive work of 15 consecutive months.  The high quality legal service delivered by Zhong Lun team was highly recognized and unanimously praised by SIIC Environment and other parties involved in this introduction.