Yuanchao Ma was Invited for Speech during Shanghai Network Audio-visual Season 2018 by SNAA 2019-01-16

In the end of December 2018, Yuanchao Ma, the partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, was invited to join the panel and share his opinion about the topic ‘Network Audio-visual Original Content Trading Risk and Protection’ during Shanghai Network Audio-visual season 2018 which was held by SNAA(Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association).

Recent years, with the rapid development of network audio-visual industry, the development of content gradually shows a trend with diversity. It is the key for this flourishing industry to find an approach to establish a protection mechanism and an efficient business model. Concluding some tips from several typical IPR cases he pioneered on behalf of some network audio-visual companies, Mr. Ma shared his practice experiences and advices with the professional audiences who attended.