Zhong Lun Advise the First Onshore Credit Assets Securitization Project 2005-12-15
China Development Bank 2005-1 Collateralized Loan Obligation (CDB 2005-1 CDO) is the first pilot credit assets securitization project in China. CDB 2005-1 CDO has been issued successfully through the PRC Inter-bank Bond Market on December 15, 2005 in Beijing. Zhong Lun has provided the full range legal service to China Development Bank( as the originator) and Chung Mei Trust and Investment Co., Ltd (as the trustee and issuer). The underlying assets is RMB 4.177 Billion credit assets.

Credit Assets Securitization means the structural financing activities carried out by which the banking financial institutions, as the promoter, entrusts a trustee institution with credit assets, and the trustee institution offers beneficial securities to investment institutions in the form of asset-backed securities and pay the yields of the asset-backed securities with the cash generated from the asset concerned.