Zhong Lun held legal English salon to improve English and facility the communication among the lawyers. 2005-03-29
As of Friday March 18, 2005, for the purpose of providing an opportunity for associates and paralegals to practice speaking English, a Legal English Saloon initiated by the Euro-America Department will be held at 16:30-18:00 every Friday afternoon. The partners of the Euro-America Department demand that all associates and paralegals in this Department shall attend all sessions of this Saloon (except occasions of time conflict with imminent work) and welcome all associates and paralegals of other Departments to actively participate this Saloon

Two sessions of the Legal English Saloon, presided by Mr. Chen Ming, attended by Ms. Shirley Xu, Ms. Wang Lihua, and Mr. Liqian, has been successfully held, at which the attendees got opportunity to discuss the issues in the Senarieo in English. The subject of the next session of the Saloon to be chaired by Mr. Li Haiqing will be legal writing-discussing the drafting legal analysis memo for the case in the previous session.