Delegation of Guangdong Justice Department Visited Zhong Lun Beijing Office 2005-01-24
On January 17, a delegation of Guangdong Justice Department headed by Mr. Ma Jungang, the vice director of Justice Department of Guangdong Province, visited Zhong Lun Beijing office. The members of the delegation included Mr. Huang Yongdong, director of Justice Bureau of Guangzhou, Mr. Liang Zheng, director of attorney administration department, Mr. Xue Yunhua, chairman of Bar Association of Gunagdong Province and Mr. Li Guo Liang, chief sectary of Bar Association of Gunagdong Province visited Zhong Lun. Mr. Dong Chunjinag, the director of attorney administration department of Justice Bureau of Beijing and the staff of Bar Association of Beijing accompanied the delegation.

Mr. Zhang Xuebing and Mr. Wang Jialu had discussion with the guests.Mr. Zhang Xuebing debriefed the guests the development and the management structure of the firm. Mr Zhang also showed the guests the operation of management control in interests conflict check and filing administration.

The guests made inquires on Zhong Lun’s development and the role of the Executive Committee. Particularly the guests showed strong interest in the firm’s administration, accounting and human resources in the discussion with Mr. Zhang Xuebing and Mr. Wang Jialu. Both parties shared common interest in how to strengthen the overall competitiveness of Beijing, Shanghai and Shengzhen offices and how to improve the lawyers’ competency in law practices.