Zhong Lun’s On-Campus Recruitment at Beijing University Law School 2005-03-15
On March 15, 2005, Zhu Maoyuan, Li Qian, Liu Chi and Wang Fei, as a team of Zhong Lun’s Beijing office went to Beijing University Law School for on-campus recruitment of the 2005 law graduates, both under and graduated. Dean Zhu Suli and Assistant Dean Gong Wendong hosted the event and welcomed Zhong Lun and the four alumni. Dean Zhu Suli, in his opening speech, emphasized the importance of practice in law study and encouraged the graduates, who are all as Dean Zhu put proudly, “defect free”, to start law career with law practice in top law firms like Zhong Lun. In a keynote speech “Be a Top Lawyer in Pursuing a Professional Career”, Zhu Maoyuan shared the audience with his personal experience along with Zhong Lun’s successful development and elaborated the qualification that a good lawyer must have, and how to make a top nudge lawyer out of a law student. The speech arose enthusiastic response and inquiries and questions ensued after the speech.