Zhonglun Ranks Top 3 of Trustee in Bankruptcy 2007-10-08
  In accordance with  Law of the People's Republic of China on Enterprise Bankruptcy, and Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on Designating  ADministrator in Hearing Enterprise Bankruptcy Cases, after critic evaluation and examination by the Beijing Bar and the High Court of Beijing Municipality, Zhonglun is officially listed as top three among the first group of the public administrators for enterprise bankruptcy in Beijing. 
  The criteria for selection of administrator for  bankruptcy of enterprise  are very stringent.  Due to well maintained reputation in professional services among various enterprises and professional peers, especially in the firm’s law practice capability, professional experiences, successful records, and professional team of legal service in bankruptcy and liquidation area, as result of critic screening evaluation of Beijing Bar Association and final confirmation of Beijing High People’s Court, the comprehensive score of Zhonglun stands out as top three among law firms in Beijing.