Attorneys from Zhong Lun law firm attended the BN Charity Christmas party and gave donation 2007-12-27

On 24th Dec, 2007, Christmas Eve, a BN Charity Christmas party hosted by China Youth Development Foundation was held at the Kerry Center Hotel Beijing. Zhang Xuebing, Hao Han, Yang Yuhong, Xie Min, Wang Fei and Zhang Jianzhou from Zhong Lun law firm have attended the party, and given a donation on behalf of Zhong Lun law firm.

About 800 guests have attended and around RMB 4 million donations have been raised for the fund in the party. All funds raised in the party will be delivered to the China Youth Development Foundation. The funds will be allocated to BN Vocational School according to the donors’ decisions. BN Vocational School operates under the auspices of Project Hope. BN Vocational School offers a free occupational education opportunity to the children in financial difficulty that their parents working as migrant workers in Beijing and to young people in poverty to become skilled technicians.

In order to help the children of the migrant workers, since day one of the BN Vocational School, Zhong Lun law firm has organized a professional volunteer team for teaching general legal courses in the school.  Zhong Lun law firm has also provided teaching materials to the school. They are keeping offering their help to the youths in their unique way. Zhu Maoyuan is the course consultant of the BN Vocational School, and Wang Fei, Ma Huijun, Zhang Jiong, Mu Song, Sun Wei, Liu Na, Zhang Yunmei, Zhou Xiaozheng are all teaching legal courses there.