Zhonglun Gave Speech in a Securities Seminar in Shandong 2005-05-28
Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission held a seminar on the securities law practice for the securities lawyers in Shandong area.

The seminar aimed at exchanging the experience and information in the securities law practice, analyzing existing problems and deficiency, discussing the focus and difficulty in securities related legal services, and improving practices of the lawyers. More than 50 lawyers from 30 law firms of Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and Jiangsu attended the seminar.

Mr. Pan Xinggao, representing Zhonglun to give a keynote speech, shared the firm’s experience in provision of legal service for mergers and acquisitions of listed companies as well as the experience in the general securities practice. He said that as a major player in China’s economy, Shandong has laid a strong economic foundation and built a good economic environment that enable law firms to provide variety of services along with development of Shandong. Zhonglun will seizure the opportunity to actively involve itself in serving clients in securities needs in Shandong. As of the date, Zhonglun had provided securities service to four companies for overseas IPO, four for A-shares listing, two for B shares listing, two M&A deals, two restructure deals, and serving three companies as long-term legal counsel. Mr. Pan also discussed certain issues that Zhonglun encountered in restructuring Sinotruk that are common in securities related practices.