Attorney Zhu Maoyuan, Cai Yaozhong and Wang Fei Attended Workshop on New Policies of Real Estate and Made Speeches 2006-06-13

On June 13, 2006, a great number of real estate professionals got together in Guomenlu Hotel to research and discuss the new policies of real estate including the “six regulations” and “fifteen regulations”. Attorney Zhu Maoyuan, Cai Yaozhong and Wangfei attended this workshop and delivered brilliant explanations.
After the speeches of the presider and honored guests, attorney Cai Yaozhong firstly made brief but explicit introduction and determined the nature of the “six regulations” and “fifteen regulations”, and pointed out that this would not mean the nature of all their contents would be defined, for the applicability of statutes of the “six regulations” and “fifteen regulations” could be specified.  
Then attorney Zhu Maoyuan made a speech to expatiate on the “fifteen regulations”. As a senior attorney, he analyzed one by one from the operation point of view, came up with his own perspective and suggestion for lots of statutes, discussed with honored guests and communicated with many professionals after the workshop.