Zhang Xue-bing Commented On Simulated Recruitment at University of Politics and Laws of China 2007-11-22
  University of Politics and Laws of China held simulated on-campus recruitment on November 21, 2007, the event was hosted by the university’s placement office opening to all undergraduates and graduates. Zhang Xue-bing, as a invited guest, made comments on each competing students that face real upcoming competition in job markets after graduation. Zhang Xue-bing highly appraised the outstanding show and sincerely gave pin-pointed critics to each of attending students. He encouraged the students to enhance study and analytic skill and capability, build up acknowledge reserves and be prepared for highly competitive market through comprehensive development along a track professional career. The simulated recruitment benefited the students by showing them each step of the whole recruiting process and offering practical advices that help them better prepared for interview in actual recruitment setting.