Zhong Lun Advised Underwriter in China Datang’s Issue of RMB 3 billion Bonds. 2005-05-26
China Datang Corporation is one of China’s giant power generators and partially equipped with power generation assets of former State Power Corporation of China. By the end of 2004, the company has installed capacity total 33,534 MW and annual sales hit 41.1 billion. The output reached 173.37 billion KWH and the total assets reached 143.3 billion in 2004.
In May 2005, the company has successfully issued corporate bond with a nominal value of RMB 3 billion. China International Capital Corporation (“CICC”) is the leading underwriter. The Zhonhlun’ team headed by Zhang Xuebing, Ye Beicheng and Xie Min advised on CICC in the issuance of bonds. This is the first time that Zhonglun advised SOE of this size for bonds issuance.