Attorney Zhang Xuebing was Praised in the Symposium 2006-06-29

On June 28, Bureau of Justice of Chaoyang District held a symposium celebrating the birthday of the Communist Party by attorneys who are also party members. The Director of Justice Bureau Rong Rong, the Deputy Director Wei Yili and cadres of the Organizing Division of Chaoyang District Committee and the Politics and Law Committee attended the symposium. Secretaries and representatives of Party Branch of 26 laws firms in the Chaoyang District also took part in the symposium.

Rong Rong introduced the attorneys who are also party members in Chaoyang District. At present, there are 348 law firms in Chaoyang District and 4510 professional attorneys amounting to 40% of the total number in Beijing. There are 1890 attorneys who are also party members, amounting to 41.9% of all attorneys in Chaoyang District. Since the establishment of a counselor group for the Chaoyang District Government in 2003, attorneys in Chaoyang have provided over 60 recommendations, such as dealing with the removal and dismantling of the Olympic Games, the construction of Olympic venues and facilities, the construction of the Silk Market, the purchase of government office buildings, the construction of the Siemens headquarters, a consultation regarding an armed police force. Attorney Zhang Xuebing has served as a member of the counselor group for the Chaoyang District government for two consecutive terms and was praised by the Justice Bureau of Chaoyang District as an excellent attorney who is also a party member.