Zhang Xue-bing Attended 2007 Beijing Forum of European & American Chinese Alumni Association 2007-10-28

  “New Returnees, New Missions” is the core subject of the Fourth Conference of Chinese Returnees for Business Pioneering & Career Development in 2007 Beijing Forum of European & American Chinese Alumni Association, which was held on October 28, 2007.

  Since China opened its door to the outside world over 20 years ago, at least one million Chinese students have studied abroad. To attract more Chinese elite students back home to play more important roles in China’s development in the new era and to bridge business and social exchange with foreign countries in non-governmental levels, this annual conference remains to function as a successful platform for information exchange and deployment of human resources for the returnees. Zhang Xue-bing, along with many high level officials of Chinese government, international organizations, world -known scholars, and leading businessmen, attended the conference.