Seminar on US IP Law by Sughrue Mion 2005-05-20
On May 19, Robert Asters, John Rabena, David Foster and Sturgis Sobin, partners of Sughrue Mion, a leading US IP firm, visited Zhonglun and hosted a seminar on the Measures on Trade Barriers of Intellectual Property Right of ITC of the United States and Trends of Patent Litigation in the United States”. The partners of Zhonglun, Liu Chi, Liu Yuling, Zeng Xianwu and Sheng Hong attended in the speech and contributed comments from relevant Chinese legal perspectives.

Sughrue Mion is a top US law firm specializing in intellectual property rights with headquarter in Washington DC. In 2004 the firm was top one in term of number of patent cases handled and ranked five in the amount of trademark cases it presented in the U.S.

The visit and seminar by Sughrue Mion will improve the professional cooperation between the two firms, to facilitate our further understanding of intellectual property right litigation in U.S. and hopefully broaden business horizon of Zhonglun in IP area..