Zhong Lun Hosts Seminars on Business, Legal Strategies for Chinese Companies Going Global 2011-11-24

On November 8 and November 11, 2011, Zhong Lun Law Firm, together with US Loeb & Loeb LLP and US consulting firm MainStream Management, LLC, hosted two seminars themed “How to Become a Global Company Now through Acquisition - Business and Legal Strategies for Chinese Companies Going Global” in Shanghai and Beijing respectively.

Michael Zhengping Gu, a partner of Zhong Lun, chaired the seminars and delivered key-note speeches, themed “Business Reasons to Go Global and Invest in US” and “Perspective on How US Practices and Considerations Differ from Chinese Practices and Chinese Legal Issues” respectively. Senior partner of Zhong Lun Shanghai office Audry Li attended the seminar in Shanghai and delivered welcoming remarks. Speakers also included Andrew Ross from Loeb & Loeb and Helena Fredericks MainStream Management. Participants included heads of legal department, investment and M&A department and overseas department of large state-owned and privately owned enterprises and private equity managers.

The seminars offered practical, real world advice for Chinese businesses making or considering making acquisitions or investments abroad. Topics included: sourcing companies; due diligence; Chinese business and legal issues; US deal practices - strategies and pitfalls; US legal issues - some over-inflated concerns; deal funding considerations; special technology and media company considerations; and post transaction integration and management of newly acquired foreign businesses.