Michael Z.P. Gu Addresses The Coca-Cola Company Antitrust Forum 2011-10-10

On September 12-13, 2011, Zhong Lun Law Firm partner Michael Z.P. Gu attended, upon invitation as the sole PRC lawyer, The Coca-Cola Company Antitrust Forum in Atlanta, the United States. Michael Z.P. Gu made a speech on China’s anti-trust laws, enforcement and future development trends at the forum.

More than 30 participants, including in-house counsel from the legal department of Coca-Cola headquarters, regional general counsel and outside counsel from major countries and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission officials, experts and other relevant economists, attended the forum.

Geoffrey J. Kelly, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of The Coca-Cola Company, opened the forum with a speech. The forum closely focused on Coca-Cola’s strategic development goals by 2020, and discussions of better ways for the legal department and outside counsel serve the development needs of the company, global antitrust compliance and global coordination mechanism on risk management in response to increased antitrust enforcement across the world.

Michael Z.P. Gu, with rich experience and legal expertise, has been engaged as external antitrust counsel for Coca-Cola Beverages (Shanghai) Ltd. since 2010. Michael and his team has advised on a number of antitrust related legal matters, in particular, assisted Coca-Cola’s legal team in formulating the antitrust compliance policies and manuals, external communication guidelines used in China. Also, Michael and his team advised on the distribution systems, pricing policies, standard agreements from PRC antitrust law perspective and other day-to-day antitrust law issues.