Five Partners of Zhong Lun Appointed to CIETAC Panel of Arbitrators 2011-07-04

Five partners of Zhong Lun Law Firm, including Mr. Yuming Liu, Mr. Boming Qian, Ms. Lihua Wang, Ms. Audry Hong Li and Ms. Yuhong Yang, have been recently appointed by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) as members of its Panel of Arbitrators.

Mr. Liu and Mr. Qian are currently co-managing partners of Zhong Lun’s Dispute Resolution Department, and both of them have extensive experiences handling commercial arbitration cases. Ms. Wang, Ms. Li and Ms. Yang also have significant experiences in commercial arbitration in addition to their expertise in other areas of law. Ms. Li had worked for CIETAC for a few years before practicing as a lawyer.

Before the appointment of the aforesaid five partners to the CIETAC Panel, five other Zhong Lun partners, including Mr. Xuebing Zhang, Mr. Peng Wu, Mr. Maoyuan Zhu, Mr. Wantao Yang and Mr. Lijun Cao, have already sat on the CIETAC Panel of Arbitrators.