Zhonglun REN Qing Delivered a Keynote Speech on Investor-State Arbitration at Beijing Arbitration Commission 2014-08-12

On 23rd July, Zhonglun REN Qing delivered a keynote speech on investment treaties and investor-state arbitration at Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC). Representatives of companies such as Sinopec, Petro china, CNOOC, Mengniu, Chevron and Total as well as quite a few scholars and lawyers attended the seminar.

Starting from the rapid growth of China’s outbound investments in recent years as a background for the topic, Mr. Ren first introduced the framework of international investment agreements, main contents of Energy Charter Treaty, key provisions of bilateral investment treaties (“BIT”) concluded by China, and the latest progress of China-US BIT negotiation and China-EU BIT negotiation. Thereafter, Mr. Ren explained the procedures of investor-state arbitration, briefed two important arbitration cases, i.e., Occidental vs. Ecuador and Repsol vs. Argentine, and gave practical advices on how to protect overseas investment through investor-state arbitration.

The audience much appreciated the speech and asked several questions, to which Mr. Ren gave answers in turn.

For more information about the event, please visit the official website of BAC: