Dr. Haixiao (Helen) Zhang Being Invited to Gave out a Lecture of Anti-commercial Bribery to Senior Officials of Russian Federation at China Executive Leadership Academy (Pudong) 2014-11-20

Dr. Haixiao (Helen) Zhang, the partner of ZhongLun Law Firm Shanghai Office, has been invited as the sole practicing lawyer, by China Executive Leadership Academy (Pudong) as a guest speaker for the seminar of “Anti-corruption Organizations in National and Regional Public Service Areas” son October 24, Russian attendees of this seminar are ten senior officials from Russian Federation, including Deputy Director of Anti-corruption Bureau of Russian President Office, Valentin Ivanovich Mikhailov, Director of Organization Department of Public Affairs and Personnel Bureau of Russian Supreme Court, Vasily Mikhailovich Bagley, and Vice President of Russian Federation Council Office, Yuri Afanasievich Sharankine, and so on.