Zhonglun Partner Peter Ni Lectured at the Frist Summer Camp for PRC Tax Lawyers and Tax LLM Students Organized by PRC Bar Association 2014-07-22

Peter Ni, tax partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, lectured at the first summer camp for PRC tax lawyers and tax LLM students jointly organized by PRC Bar Association and China University of Political Science and Law. The summer camp was held in Beijing and one-week long. More than 200 tax lawyers, tax officials and tax LLM students from all over the country attended the summer camp. As one of the lead lecturers, Peter gave a presentation on the tax planning and compliance for PRC companies going abroad.

According to the organizers, the first summer camp, “while it is already finished, it would be historical and a critical milestone for the tax professionals in China, because of the high quality of lecturers and further because this is the first time tax lawyers, tax officials, in-house tax counsels and tax academic researchers in China get together, learn from each other, network, and plan themselves for the future”.