Zhong Lun Partner Zhang Baisha was invited to attend the Korea Competition Law Forum 2014-10-13

The partner of Zhong Lun, Mr. Zhang Baisha was invited to speak at the Korea Competition Law Forum, which was held in Seoul on 25th September, 2014.

The Forum was organized by Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services and publishing company. More than 60 participants, including antitrust law enforcement officers, corporate counsels, lawyers and scholars, from dozens of countries and regions such as Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the European Union and the United States, etc., attended the Forum. The participants had heated discussions on various issues including the recent developments of competition law enforcement in emerging markets and its impacts on multinational companies in such markets, the derivative lawsuits arising from the antitrust enforcement in Korea, intellectual properties and antitrust law, and cartel issues in China, EU and US. In the Grand Panel session, “Ask the Experts – Best Practice for In-house Counsels – Compliance and Regulatory Focus in Korea, China, HK, EU, US”, Mr. Zhang, as expert panelist, gave an insightful talk on the issues of the recent development of China’s anti-monopoly law enforcement against the price-related restrictive practices, and enforcement agencies’ attitude towards non-price restrictive practices, on which the anti-monopoly laws and regulations are silent. And he further shared helpful advices on antitrust compliance program for in-house counsels.