Zhong Lun Partner Gao Yan and Li Yanli invited to give speech on the 2014 Gas China Summit 2014-12-19

Ms. Gao Yan and Li Yanli, partners of Zhong Lun, were invited to participate and comment at the 2014 Gas China Summit, which was hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CFECC) and co-organized by Chemical Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (CFECC) on December 10 to 11, 2014, in Chongqing. Zhong Lun was also one of the sponsor of this Summit. Ms. Gao Yan’s presentation regarding issues such as the national energy industry policies, latest laws and regulations of the gas industry as well as the investment opportunities and legal risks of the gas industry won applause from the participants in the Summit.

All industry participants from domestic and foreign reputable oil companies, gas companies, unconventional gas development companies, energy consulting and investment companies, pipeline network operation companies, gas utilization enterprises and law firms, financial institutions, and research organizations were invited to attend the Summit. The participants conducted a comprehensive communication and discussion with respect to the development trends of gas market and the key upstream, midstream and downstream issues including gas exploitation, supply, storage, transport and utilization. This Summit provided a communication and cooperation platform for the gas industry professionals, and committed to the mutual benefit and win-win situation of the future development of the gas industry.