Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Attorney Gary Gao Appeared in Court as Expert Witness for BaWang International Group in Libel Suit Against Next Magazine 2015-07-07

In July, 2010, a Hong Kong medium, Next Magazine posted a report, claiming that the shampoo produced by BaWang International Group, a manufacturer of Chinese herbal shampoo, contained dioxane which is cancer genic. Once issued, the report kicked off a firestorm and has been reprinted by numerous mainland media, causing severe damage to the reputation of BaWang products and also inflicting heavy losses to their sales. Recently, Attorney Gary Gao appeared in court on behalf of BaWang International Group as an expert witness in the field of Chinese law and testified with regard to the question “whether Next Magazine shall assume liabilities for losses to BaWang International Group that have been inflicted by the reprinting by mainland media”, which has gained widespread attention among Hong Kong media, as well as Singapore media, including Sing Tao Daily.