Zhong Lun Partner Zhang Baisha Invited to Comment at the International Seminar on Competition Compliance and Administrative Monopolies 2014-12-11

Mr. Zhang Baisha, partner of Zhong Lun, was invited as the United Nations research fellow, to comment at the International Seminar on Competition Compliance and Administrative Monopolies, which was jointly organized by the East China University of Political Science and Law and the Competition and Consumer Policy Department of UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on December 1, 2014, in Shanghai. Mr. Zhang Baisha was invited to comment on the issues discussed at the seminar. His insights regarding issues such as the current ineffective judicial review of the abstract administrative monopoly, the introduction of competition assessment mechanism in government’s policy-making process and competition advocacy for improvement of the regulation of administrative monopoly won applause from the participants in the seminar.

More than 70 participants, including officers from the United Nations and antitrust law enforcement agencies, judges, corporate counsels, scholars and lawyers from China and other countries attended the seminar. Issues of trends of competition compliance for government regulatory actions, the assessment of competition effects, the antitrust enforcement against administrative monopoly, the judicial review of administrative monopoly were heatedly discussed at the event. Hassan Qaqaya, head of the Competition and Consumer department at UNCTAD, Liu Ye, deputy director of the Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau under China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Xu Kunlin, director general of the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) spoke at the seminar. Xu Kunlin revealed that breaking up administrative monopolies will be on the top of the agenda for NDRC in 2015.