Recent Awards

"The Best Securitization Transaction in Asia" of 2006 2007-04-29

On 1 March 2007, Zhong Lun Law Firm got “the Best Securitization Transaction in Asia of 2006” awarded by EuroMoney and International Financial Law Review in Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong.

 Zhong Lun Law Firm provided counseling for the first CMBS securitization project supported by China’s properties in Asia, which is deemed as a forerunner transaction marked as a milestone. In 2006, Zhong Lun did an excellent job acting as Chinese attorneys for Citigroup in the Project Dynasty which witnessed a total transaction value of USD475 million. The commercial properties in nine cities in China were mortgaged in this Project, which took nearly a year from the involvement of Zhong Lun to the end of the transaction and was inclusive of the following steps: financing loans, issue of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) and swap for avoidance of exchange rate risks.

 Over 20 attorneys of Zhong Lun worked for this Project, leading by attorney Zhang Xuebing and under the direction of attorney Liu Borong and Huo Wei. Our services in this Project mainly included conducting on-the-spot due diligence investigation and preparing relevant report, providing legal opinions, drafting agreements concerning mortgage and pledge in China, going through mortgage registration formalities, commenting on and revising relevant parts in the listing documents, providing counseling to Citigroup and many strategic investors, etc. Our attorneys conquered lots of difficulties and worked together to realized client’s commercial purpose despite of big pressure of time limit and too much work, which was highly appreciated by Citigroup, all parties in the transaction and agents.
 CMBS requires the attorney to have excellent knowledge and experience in real estate, structured financing and securitization as well as strong communication skill using English language. Our firm is of huge advantage in this respect. The Award is affirmation of our performance and capability, and will also bring more international clients and opportunities for us in a new year.