Recent Awards

Zhong Lun Recognized as “the Excellent Partner in 2013-2014” and Received “Distinguished Contribution Award” 2014-10-31

Sino-Ocean Land recently held the 2014 Annual Legal Service Forum in Beijing. Zhong Lun, out of nearly forty rival legal service agencies, received the award for “Distinctive Engaged Law Firm of the Year” for 2013-2014 and “Distinguished Contribution Award” in recognition of its remarkable performance. Mr. Jiong Zhang and Ms. Na Liu attended the ceremony on behalf of Zhong Lun. Mr. Jiong Zhang, upon invitation, delivered a keynote speech titled “the Contractor’s Claims and the Owner’s Risk Prevention Mechanism”.

Sino-Ocean Land engaged Zhong Lun at the end of last year to provide specialized legal services in the area of real estate and construction. The team was headed by partner Maoyuan Zhu and jointly run by three other partners, Mr. Jiong Zhang, Mr. Huijun Ma and Ms. Na Liu. Zhong Lun instantly gained the Client’s trust and recognition for its diligence, professionalism, commitment and outstanding quality of services. This award reflects once again the widely praised capacity of Zhong Lun to provide top-tier legal services.