Recent Awards

Zhong Lun Awarded 2008-11-10

Zhong Lun senior partners Anthony Qiao, Zhu Maoyuan, Lai Jihong and Zhang Hua recently attended the Real Estate Financing Summit entitled "Investment in China", which was held by Stanley&Partners, Bloomberg and the Fortune Magazine in Hangzhou from October 29 to 30, 2008. Our senior partner Anthony Qiao was named the "Most Brilliant Real Estate Lawyer of 2008". During the meeting, our partners discussed with other panelists on a number of issues, focusing on the negative impact of global financial crisis on the already sluggish domestic real estate market.

As the flagship law firm in the real estate market and the sole legal service invited to the summit, Zhong Lun is committed to providing quality legal services and making concurrent efforts with the real estate developers and domestic and foreign institutional investors to control the risks and achieve more success.