• Zhong Lun holds the third partners’ assembly of 2019

    On September 20 and 21, 2019, Zhong Lun held its third partners’ assembly of the year 2019 in Shanghai, at which a new management committee and a new examination and appraisal committee were formed by secret ballot, and by the same means, the appointment of the new Executive Director of the entire firm was approved.

  • Zhong Lun welcomes 10 partners/consultants to join us

    Recently, 10 partners/consultants, namely Cao Min, Chen Yuzhong, Ci Longjun, He Wengang, Li Jieli, Nian fubing, Wu Ming, Yu Zhe, Zhang Fan and Zhang Genwang have joined Zhong Lun. Working at Zhong Lun’s offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Qingdao, they dedicate their expertise to practice areas covering capital markets/securities, real estate, mergers & acquisitions, litigation & arbitration, intellectual property and labor & employment. This expansion of our talent pool helps to better the strategic deployment of the firm’s professional strengths and further consolidate the comprehensive capabilities of the firm in such fields.


    2019 Zhong Lun City Development Forum of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is successfully held

    On July 13, 2019, the City Development Forum of GBA themed "Urban Renewal and Asset Securitization of Property Holdings" was successfully held in Shenzhen by Zhong Lun Law Firm. Mr. Anthony Qiao, Executive Director of the firm’s executive committee delivered the opening speech. The forum attracted the attendance of nearly 300 representatives from a good number of industrial associations and well-known enterprises, most notably, Mr. Zeng Zhenghong, Director of the Political Department of the Political and Legal Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Mr. Yu Laishun, Secretary-General of the Guangdong Province Old Town Old Factory Old Village Recreation Association, Mr. Zhang Qi, Vice-President of the Shenzhen Real Estate Association and Dr. Li Jiang from Shenzhen Land and Natural Resources Committee.

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm becomes one of the first contracted allies serving the Yangtze River Delta Capital Market Service Base.

    On April 10, 2019, the launching ceremony of the Yangtze River Delta Capital Market Service Base was officially held in Zhangjiang Science City, Shanghai, and Zhong Lun became one of the first contracted allies of the base. Mr. Kong Wei and Mr. Chen Yuan, both equity partners of Zhong Lun, and Shen Jin, a non-equity partner of the firm, were invited to attend the ceremony. On behalf of Zhong Lun, Mr. Kong Wei signed the cooperation agreement on the construction of the base. As a representative of the first batch of allies, Mr. Kong Wei was interviewed by state television broadcaster CCTV and several local media in Shanghai.

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm attends the World Law Group 2019 Asia Regional Conference themed “Artificial Intelligence and Law”

    From March 8 to 9, 2019, Zhong Lun partners were invited to attend the World Law Group 2019 Asia Regional Conference held in Seoul Korea, the theme of which is artificial intelligence and law. The conference was organized by Bae, Kim & Lee LLC Law Firm, a Korean law firm.


    Zhong Lun holds the first partners’ meeting of 2019

    During March 8 to 10, 2019, Zhong Lun held its first partners’ meeting of the year in Shenzhen, gathering the attendance of nearly 300 partners from 16 offices across the globe, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, where, by virtue of this era’s magnificent march of progress, all participants put their heads together to draw up the blueprint delineating direction for and providing momentum to the future development of the firm.

  • 32 associates are promoted to non-equity partnership

    In January 2019, the Management Committee of the firm deliberated and decided to approve the promotion of 32 non-equity partners. Their practice covers various areas including capital market/securities, real estate, private equity and investment funds, corporate/foreign direct investment, mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance, litigation & arbitration, intellectual property, construction & infrastructure, antitrust/competition, Belt and Road Initiative & outbound investments, labor & employment, taxation & wealth planning, securitization & financial products, bankruptcy & restructuring, compliance/regulatory and many other fields.

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm wins all bids for Ministry of Commerce’s selection of law firms to form its law firm pool

    On October 24, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China announced the result of public bidding that invited the participation of both domestic and overseas law firms. Zhong Lun won all bids as one of the only two domestic law firms to make this achievement.

    The firm’s success includes its admission to the Trade Remedy Sector, WTO and Regional Trade Agreement Dispute Settlement Sector, Trade Barrier Investigation and Response Sector, and International Investment Legal Affairs Sector.

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm joins hands with China Telecom to launch a proprietary cloud strategic service project and a “Zhong Lun example” amid the information digitalization of global firms

    On August 24, 2018, Zhong Lun Law Firm and China Telecom Group launched the proprietary cloud strategic service project, signed the proprietary cloud service contract and WAN service project contract at the signing ceremony held at the headquarters of China Telecom Group. Mr. Zhang Xuebing, Director of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Ms. Cui Yu, Director of Operations, equity partners Mr. Li Chongwen, Mr. Mu Song and Mr. Xue Yi, and Mr. Gao Mingyi, Director of Data and Information Department attended the ceremony.


    Zhong Lun welcomes new partners to create a new landscape after 25 years’ development

    Guo Wei, Li Qiang, Liu Haiyan, Liu Yong, Shi Bisheng, Shan Lili, Tang Jianhui, Wang Haitao, Wang Hongyan, Wei Zhiqiang and Yu Feng have joined Zhong Lun recently as partners, exerting their professional abilities in the firm’s offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Nanjing. This recent expansion of talent pool is expected to further consolidate the strategic deployment of the firm’s manpower, helping the firm better grasp the opportunities brought by the vigorous development of emerging markets.

  • Zhong Lun Nanjing Office opens

    On June 22, 2018, Zhong Lun announced the official opening of its Nanjing office during the launching ceremony of a “Convoy Plan” to empower high-quality development of Jiangsu Businesses. This is the 16th office worldwide and the 10th domestically of the firm, marking a new starting point for Zhong Lun to widen its outlook on the basis of its deep depository of experience and continue to serve and pass on the spirit of law.


    Zhong Lun celebrates its 25th anniversary

    2018 is a year of particular significance for the firm, as Zhong Lun celebrates its 25th anniversary. In June, in order to commemorate its 25th birthday, the firm held a series of special events, most notably the alumni party titled "Friends for Life ", the concert for clients called "Ode of Collaboration", employee celebratory activities themed "For Another Twenty-five Years and More", showing our gratitude towards the clients, giving well deserved accolades to our veteran employees, and also looking forward to the firm’s bright prospects with never-wavering faith in ourselves as well as in our friends.

  • Zhonglun is appointed as the first long-term legal adviser for the Ministry of Natural Resources

    On May 25, 2018, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China issued a public announcement, deciding to appoint Zhonglun Law Firm as its legal adviser for 2018. Our equity partners Zhang Xuebing, Hao Han, Li Guobin, Wang Zhenhua, Wei Yidong, Meng Xianshi, non-equity partners Li Ning, Shi Yi, assisted by associates Zhang Tao, Mu Jiyun, Tian Haichen, Zhao Jikai and Yu Dongkun, and paralegals as key members of the team, provide effective legal services to the ministry and contribute to the reform of state administrations and the agencies thereof.


  • Zhong Lun Law Firm Promotes 15 Equity Partners

    In March, on the recommendation by the local offices and approval by the management committee of the firm, 15 non-equity partners were promoted into equity partner. They are Chen Peng, Chen Yuan, Gu Pingkuan, Jiang Xiaoniao, Liu Na, Liu Xiaoli, Meng Xianshi, Wang Guangwei, Wang Haijun, Wang Zhenhua, Xu Wei, Yan Mingcheng, Yan Juntao, Yao Qiming and Zhou Wu. Their practice covers various areas including capital market/securities, real estate, securitization & financial products, construction & infrastructure, intellectual property, labor & employment, bankruptcy & restructuring, and litigation & arbitration. Zhong Lun was pleased to announce that 25 associates were promoted into non-equity partnership by dint of recommendation by local offices and approval by the management committee of the firm. Their work involves practice areas such as real estate, construction & infrastructure, capital market/securities, litigation & arbitration, banking & finance, intellectual property, antitrust/competition, taxation & wealth planning, and Belt and Road Initiative & outbound investments.

  • On January 18, 2018, Zhong Lun Law Firm, CP Land Co., Ltd. and CBRE co-host the ceremony to commemorate Zhong Lun’s signing up to become a tenant of the CP Center

    At the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xuebing, Director of Zhong Lun Law Firm, said quite emotionally that, January 18 of the year 2018 happens to be Zhong Lun’s 25th birthday, which makes it both ceremonial and memorable to enter into the contract on such a special day. He also pointed out that, Zhong Lun chose CP Group because of its far-reaching development both in China and worldwide and the social responsibility assumed by the group. The alliance between the firm and the group marks the bridging between two top-class heavyweights from different commercial background, promising fresh impetus and opportunities for the mutual advancement of both entities. Finally, Mr. Zhang expressed his hopes that by this time next year, Zhong Lun would smoothly complete its settlement in the CP Center and turn the page in its journey onward.


    Mr. Zhang Xuebing is elected to be the chairman of the Beijing Law Aid Foundation

    On January 30, 2018, Beijing Law Aid Foundation (“Foundation”) held the 7th session of its 4th council, at which Mr. Zhang Xuebing was elected as both a member and the chairman of the council. Mr. Zhang stated: “by taking this position as the chairman of the foundation, I will strive to live up to the trust of the leaders of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice and the confidence of all members and supervisors by performing my duties and serving the foundation with diligence, integrity, honesty, pragmatism and efficiency, and in strict compliance with the Articles of Association of the Foundation.” He also made comments on the future development of the Foundation.

  • The World Law Group, a global legal network group of premier law firms comprising thousands of elite lawyers, chose Shanghai to host its annual conference from October 5th to 7th, 2017. Zhong Lun Law Firm, as the only Chinese member firm, hosted the conference. Zhang Xuebing, Vice-president of All-China Lawyers Association and the Managing Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm delivered a speech where he thanked and greeted  the directors from WLG and lawyers around the world for attending the annual conference. The successful conference demonstrated Zhong Lun’s determination to take on more responsibilities of the industry and to fulfill the mission of our time, which also marks another milestone accomplishment of branding and globlisation for the firm. Zhong Lun is working to build a platform of communication and cooperation in major markets all over the world to provide all-around and comprehensive international legal services to our clients.

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm announced its Strategic Planning Report for the next five years and the Core Cultural Values Report at the Second Partners’ Meeting 2017. 
    On September 18, 2017, Zhong Lun’s Hangzhou Office, together with the Zhejiang Branch of China Mergers & Acquisitions Association, hosted a press conference for the Legal Summit & Forum of the Industrial Upgrading and Mergers & Acquisitions in Qiantang River Area - Zhong Lun Supporting Tianyi Plan of Zhejiang Business.  Over 300 representatives, including representatives from local governments of all levels, CMAA and Zhong Lun’s clients, attended the conference with Zhong Lun partners and fully engaged in the meaningful discussion that took place on the shore of the picturesque West Lake. In September 2017, the Zhong Lun Hangzhou office officially started operation. This is the fifteenth office after the establishment of our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Zhong Lun Law Firm and Hylands Law Firm co-hosted the 2017 TerraLex Global Meeting held in Beijing on April 5th to 7th. It was the first time TerraLex chose a Chinese city to host its annual meeting. Over 200 partners, legal consultants and lawyers from prestigious law firms around the world participated the meeting held in Beijing to discuss the historic opportunity presented by China’s economic development to the international legal industry.

  • On December 29, 2016, Beijing Zhong Lun (Hangzhou) Law Firm was established with the approval of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice. The establishment of Zhong Lun’s Hangzhou office will expand our service area to Zhejiang Province and the surrounding provinces and further develop our influence in the Hangzhou legal market. This is the fifteenth office after the establishment of our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Hangzhou office will continue to work closely with the other offices in providing our domestic and foreign clients with well-rounded and cross-disciplinary legal services, further extending Zhong Lun’s already impressive reach on the PRC legal service market.

  • On September 3 and 4, 2016, Zhong Lun’s second partners’ meeting of 2016 took place in Beijing. At this meeting, a new Management Committee and a new Examination and Appraisal Committee were formed after competitive election by secret ballot, and the appointment of the Executive Director, the Executive Co-director, and the Chief Operating Officer of the firm was approved.

  • In May 2016, Zhong Lun expanded its New York practice and opened new offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, a move that represents another solid step in Zhong Lun’s “Going Global” internationalization strategy and makes it the large scale Chinese law firm with the most US based offices.

  • In April 2016, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Zhong Lun Charity Foundation and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) signed a memorandum of cooperation, under which Zhong Lun Law Firm was appointed as WWF’s sole legal counsel in mainland China. The firm will provide pro-bono legal services for WWF regarding the setup and operation of its Chinese office, brand management and project running, among other things. Zhong Lun Charity Fund will collaborate with WWF on a variety of charitable activities, including financing, management and marketing of environmental and charitable initiatives, expert forums, and joint donations, for which WWF will provide strong support with its global network to Zhong Lun Law Firm and Zhong Lun Charity Fund in fulfilling social responsibility.

    On April 26, 2016, Zhong Lun was engaged by the Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC as its first ever and sole legal counsel to provide a full range of legal services, including advising on important legislation and regulatory documents, providing legal opinions on legitimacy of the ministry’s decisions and other significant legal matters, representing it in administrative actions and state compensation cases, participating in major and complicated administrative reconsideration cases, and offering training on administrative reconsideration and litigation based on case analysis reports.

  • Two massive explosions rocked the Haibin New Area of Tianjin on the night of 12 August 2015, shocking the nation to its core. The Zhong Lun Charity Fund, jointly established by Zhong Lun’s partners, quickly responded. With the support of founders Zhang Xuebing and Wu Peng, Anthony Qiao, chairman of the charity fund, asked the entire firm to offer solace and support by donating to first responders injured or killed in the blasts and their loved ones. In four days, the fund received over RMB 1 million from hundreds of Zhong Lun colleagues at home and abroad.

  • Zhong Lun was invited to join the World Law Group (WLG), reflecting the firm’s reputation for wide ranging legal expertise. As an important step in the firm’s internationalization strategy, WLG membership offers an excellent platform for Zhong Lun to work closely with overseas law firms, extend its global footprint, and more effectively provide its clients with full-service, global legal counsel.
    Since being invited to join Terralex, an alliance of independent law firms from over 100 countries, Zhong Lun has been providing effective legal solutions and helping clients achieve their international commercial goals by cooperating and sharing expertise with other member firms.
  • In April 2015, a delegation composed of professors from Harvard Business School and East China University of Political Science and Law visited Zhong Lun’s Beijing and Shanghai offices for in-depth discussions with senior Zhong Lun partners on a wide range of legal issues.

  • As a full-service law firm with a strong social conscience, Zhong Lun seeks every opportunity to repay society for its goodwill and generosity towards the firm. To that end, Zhong Lun established the “Zhong Lun Charity Fund”, run by an administrative board consisting of 11 partners responsible for the development of the firm’s charity work.

  • In October 2014, the Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association bestowed awards on several law firms and lawyers in recognition of their first-rate work in the industry from 2011 to 2013. Zhong Lun was named “Outstanding Law Firm” for its significant contribution to Chaoyang District’s social, economic and legal development, particularly in relation to the district government’s “Chaoyang Legal Development” campaign.

  • In September 2014, Zhong Lun formally opened its Qingdao and Chongqing offices.

  • On 11 June 2014, the Financial Times (FT) announced in Hong Kong the winners of the Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards 2014. Zhong Lun – China Going Global Think Tank (or, CGGT) scored 23 out of 30 in the FT’s unique evaluation system and a “Standout” ranking, the highest of three rankings in the “Innovation in Corporate Strategy” category, in which 13 Asia-Pacific-based programs were shortlisted.
    At a Supreme People’s Court ceremony held the afternoon of 19 June 2014 for the official engagement of the second batch of special supervisors, Zhang Xuebing, one of Zhong Lun’s founding partners, accepted an engagement letter from the Honorable Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court, officially appointing Zhong Lun as a special supervisor, along with delegates of the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and other prominent figures in society. Their term ends in 2018.
  • Legal industry watcher Chambers & Partners held the Chambers Asia Pacific Awards 2014 ceremony in Hong Kong on 17 February 2014 , bringing together top law firms throughout the region. Zhong Lun received the “PRC Law Firm of the Year” award for 2014 in recognition of its overall excellence and outstanding reputation with clients in the Chinese legal market. Zhong Lun was the only Chinese law firm to receive an award at the event. This marks the second time in four years that Zhong Lun has received the “PRC Law Firm of the Year” from Chambers Asia Pacific. The firm earned the same distinction in 2011.
    In addition, in the 2014 Chambers Guide rankings, Zhong Lun was highly recommended in 23 practice areas, 16 of which were Band 1. For three consecutive years, from 2012 through 2014, Zhong Lun received more Band 1 rankings and more total practice area rankings from Chambers Asia Pacific than any other Chinese law firm.
    Aptly dubbed the “legal profession’s Oscars” for its integrity and accuracy, Chambers commends law firms and lawyers worldwide each year for their excellence.
    In 2014, Zhong Lun led numerous high profile Chinese and global transactions and projects, received praise from its clientele across many industries, and retained its leading position in the industry. The firm also received recognition for its performance by Asian Legal Business, China Law & Practice, Corporate International, China Business Law Journal, IFLR1000 and many other leading legal media outlets and rating services.
  • On 7 January 2014, Randolph Tritell, Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of International Affairs and Luo Yan, an antitrust specialist with the American Bar Association’s Section of Antitrust Law visited Zhong Lun’s Beijing Office to meet with Zhong Lun competition law experts Wu Peng, Xue Yi, Scott Yu and Cen Zhaoqi. The parties exchanged views on current issues in relation to US and Chinese antitrust laws and hammered out plans concerning the American Bar Association’s “Antitrust in Asia: China” conference held in May that year.
    On 14 January 2014, a small delegation from international law firm Dentons headed by the firm’s Global Chairman Joe Andrew paid a visit to Zhong Lun. Also in the delegation were Denton partners Mitch Dubek, Mike Froy, and Zeng Ying. They met with Zhong Lun partners, Wu Peng, Zhu Maoyuan, Robert Lewis, Guo Kejun, Chen Jihong, Scott Yu and Cao Lijun. In-depth discussions were held on the current status and future development trends of Chinese law firms, prospects for China’s outbound investments, the market position of Chinese law firms and their cooperation with foreign firms, risk management concerns for Chinese companies’ overseas investments, management models and strategic planning for domestic law firms, and improvements in the liability insurance system, among other issues.
  • On 19 November 2013, Zhong Lun and Clifford Chance jointly held a closed-door seminar on revolving securitization structures and capital relief at Zhong Lun’s headquarters in Beijing.


    The seminar, hosted by Zhong Lun partner Liu Borong, attracted more than 100 professionals from over 30 financial institutions, including foreign and domestic banks, securities companies, trust companies and financial leasing companies, as well as accounting firms, ratings firms, and the Research Center of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The discussion mostly focused on two main issues facing securitization of late, namely, the realization of revolving securitization structures and off-balance-sheet accounting in the security card sector and other sectors.


    Maggie Zhao of Clifford Chance’s London headquarters, and Kevin Ingram, a Clifford Chance partner and executive director & vice-chairman of AFME/ESF, shared their experience on securitization based on their practice in Europe. Experts from accounting firms shared their opinions on the accounting off-balance sheet issue in relation to revolving structures by comparing the differences between the two accounting systems. Lawyers from Zhong Lun’s Banking and Finance practice also shared a case study on off-balance-sheet securitization involving a revolving structure and gave presentations on hot topics in recent financial market innovations.


    This was the second international securitization seminar held by Zhong Lun, following the “International Seminar for Asset-backed Notes with Special Purpose Trusts” held on 10 December 2012.

  • On 26 September 2013, Zhong Lun and Heenan Blaikie, a Canadian law firm, co-hosted a seminar on the opportunities and challenges facing Chinese corporations investing in Canada. More than 40 senior executives from prominent investment banks, trust companies and clients from various industries attended the seminar. Zhong Lun partner Cheng Jun and the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada and counsel at Heenan Blaikie each gave marvelous speeches on Canadian politics, economics and international development trends.


    Following its growing economy, China has become the largest source of foreign investment for Canada. Zhong Lun has accumulated a wealth of experience in assisting Chinese companies in their outbound investment projects, and the firm’s long-term partner Heenan Blaikie has impressed clients with its considerable expertise, commercially focused approach and effective communications in handling Chinese investments into Canada. The seminar provided Chinese executives with a unique opportunity to gain greater insight into and correct some falsehoods about Canada-bound investments.

  • On 17 May 2013, Zhong Lun celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Kerry Hotel, Beijing with over 600 participants, including senior government officials, academics and leading figures from the judicial sector in China, the firm’s high-end clients in various industries, and partners from Zhong Lun’s domestic and international offices. This special event was held not only in celebration of the firm’s 20th birthday, but also to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients.


    Zhang Xuebing, Managing Partner and co-founder of Zhong Lun, gave the keynote speech at the ceremony. Gao Zongze, a former president of the All China Lawyer's Association, and Pan Shiyi, Chinese business magnate and Chairman of SOHO China, gave speeches at the celebration. Dr. Jiang Ping, distinguished legal scholar and Lifetime Professor at China University of Political Science and Law, sent an inscription he wrote for Zhong Lun, titled “The Zhong Lun Era”, in praise of the firm’s achievements.


    During the celebrations, Zhong Lun announced the publication of its five-volume “Zhong Lun Collected Works”. Zhong Lun’s Managing Partner Wu Peng hosted the unveiling ceremony of the collection along with Dr. Shen Kui, Vice Dean of Peking University Law School, and Dr. Huang Ruiyu, Vice Dean of China University of Political Science and Law. Zhong Lun also released the Zhong Lun Social Responsibility Report that evening to showcase the firm’s strong commitment to social responsibility.


    Wang Lihua, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Zhong Lun Charity Fund, Tong Lihua, Director of the All China Lawyers Association’s Legal Aid Committee, and Song Fangyuan, a representative of pro bono lawyers jointly initiated a pro bono lawyer training program at Zhong Lun. “Pro Bono Lawyers – Torchbearers for Pro Bono and Charitable Causes” funds volunteer lawyers’ efforts to join pro bono legal services organizations to provide free legal services for socially disadvantaged people. A famous host and brilliant performances by well-known singers ensured that everyone had a wonderful evening.

  • On 23 April 2013, Zhong Lun opened its New York office in the heart of Midtown Manhattan . The office is led by two senior partners, Philip Zhang and TK Chang, who cumulatively have over 50 years’ experience in private practice with leading international law firms. The New York office is supported by more than 40 US qualified partners spread throughout our global offices. Together, they provide our clients with seamless round-the-clock legal support.

  • On 12 June 2012, Zhong Lun and Thomson Reuters co-hosted a symposium on foreign trade remedies and IP litigation, attracting in-house counsel from a number of preeminent enterprises. Keynote speakers included Pu Lingchen, a well-recognized trailblazer for China’s anti-dumping legal practice and the leader of Zhong Lun’s international trade practice, and Gu Ping, a renowned Chinese expert on Section 337 investigations and IP litigation who has been working in the US for many years.

    Zhong Lun celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Shenzhen office at the InterContinental Hotel, Shenzhen on 9 June 2012, with over 100 distinguished guests, including officials from the Shenzhen Municipal Government and locally based clients in attendance. Wang Pu, Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Li Ming, Vice Director of the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, and Zou Congbing, Vice Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Justice Bureau, were present to offer their congratulations. Zhang Yong, Chairman of the Shenzhen Bar Association, gave a speech at the event, praising the Shenzhen office for its tremendous achievements over the past 10 years and commenting that the Shenzhen office’s professional, corporate and international culture have made it a shining example for other firms in Shenzhen. Zhang Xuebing, Zhong Lun’s Managing Partner, and Qian Boming, Managing Partner of the Shenzhen office, each delivered a speech to express their heartfelt thanks to the public for its unwavering support. In particular, Zhang Xuebing complimented the Shenzhen office for its vigorous growth over the past decade. The ceremony opened with Zhang Xuebing, Wu Peng, Anthony Qiao and 22 Shenzhen partners on stage, announcing the start of the celebration and toasting colleagues and guests. 

  • Zhong Lun announced the launch of its London office on 2 May 2012 at the prestigious Chancery Court Hotel, London. Zhou Xiaoming, Minister Counsellor of the Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, presented a warm-hearted speech at the launch reception, highly praising the role of Zhong Lun’s London office in developing and strengthening the commercial and economic relationship between China and the UK. Robert Lewis, Wang Lihua from Zhong Lun’s Beijing headquarters, Zhou Yun, Cheng Mingzhi and Yang Wantao from Zhong Lun Shanghai, and Xue Haibin, Li Linna, Wang Xiaoqian and others from Zhong Lun London also delivered speeches. The event was followed by a cocktail reception with over 200 guests from UK Trade & Investment (currently, the Department for International Trade), Square Mile and other prestigious businesses and institutions. 
    Zhong Lun, together with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKAIC), the Hubei In-house Counsel Association, Allen & Overy and the Wuhan Arbitration Commission, held the “Summit of Corporate In-house Counsel in Central China” at the Marco Polo Hotel, Wuhan on 23 May 2012.  The summit was hosted by Zhang Shuguang, a partner with Zhong Lun’s Wuhan office, and attended by more than 180 representatives from over 100 large state-owned enterprises, famous privately-owned companies and listed companies based in Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi. Wuhan partner Zheng Dongping delivered the keynote speech, followed by an inspiring speech given by Zhang Li, also a partner with the Wuhan office. The summit was divided into two sessions, one with expert presentations and the other with a mock arbitration conducted by the HKAIC.
    From 28 - 30 May 2012, Renmin University hosted the high profile US-China Intellectual Property Adjudication Conference, which attracted more than 1,000 attendees, including top judicial and administrative officials from the US and China as well as the United States Ambassador to China. During the Conference, a broad range of professionals had thorough discussions on topics related to IP adjudication, IP case management, patent enforcement, copyright protection for computer software, IP commercialization, the protection of well-known trademarks, on so on. Ping Gu, a partner at Zhong Lun’s Beijing office, helped prepare the Conference as a member of the planning committee and presented at two panels, Copyright Protection for Computer Software and IP Commercialization. Ms. Gu was the only speaker to deliver presentations at more than one panel. 
  • As resolved by the first partner’s meeting in 2012, Zhong Lun Law Firm was turned into a special general partnership in accordance with the Lawyers Law of the People's Republic of China and the Administrative Measures for Law Firms published by the Ministry of Justice of PRC. The change of structure was approved by an official document numbered Jing Si Fa [2012]128 issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice on April 9, and on the 17th day of the same month, the firm completed the registration of the change on its business license with competent authorities.

  • On 10 March 2012, the International Building and Engineering Contracts Accredited Professional and Construction Law Association (China) held a seminar at Zhong Lun’s Beijing headquarters focused on the impact of the Implementing Rules for the Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China, which was promulgated on 1 February 2012. Hosted by Zhong Lun partners Zhu Maoyuan and Zhang Jiong, the event brought together nearly 100 legal and construction professionals representing heavyweights in the field, including the People's Bank of China, CITIC Real Estate Company, Inter IKEA and Tishman Speyer. Also among the attendants were several International Building and Engineering Contracts Accredited Professionals.

    On 24 March 2012, 16 volunteers from Zhong Lun’s Beijing office, sponsored by the Zhong Lun Charity Fund, set out to visit children living in “Sun Village” in Zhaoquanying County, Shunyi District, Beijing. The volunteers joined the children in their tree planting and watched them make crafts. Zhong Lun has donated money and goods to “Sun Village” in the hope that the living standards there, especially that of the children and their teachers, can be improved.

    On 29 March 2012, China Telecom formed its board of directors in Beijing, and Zhang Xuebing, the Chairman of Zhong Lun’s Managing Committee, was officially engaged by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, or SASAC to act as an External Director of China Telecom.

  • Zhong Lun’s Beijing office received a letter of appreciation on 8 February 2012, thanking Wu Fan from the Beijing office for saving a child who accidentally fell into a river during the Chinese New Year holiday.


    Zhong Lun Law Firm received a patent license on 30 January 2012, enabling the law firm to represent clients on patent prosecution and litigation matters going forward.


    Zhong Lun Law Firm is pleased to announce the official opening of its London office with a team of five solicitors and a total staff of nine legal professionals and support staff. This is Zhong Lun’s third overseas office so far. Zhong Lun managing partner Zhang Xuebing led the initiative to set up the new London office. Zhang issued the following statement: “This is an important strategic step for Zhong Lun as part of the continuing expansion of our firm’s international reach. We are very pleased to have such a strong team join us to help establish our presence in this key legal market and leading global financial center.” Zhong Lun international managing partner Robert Lewis commented: “Our new London office will provide an important platform for us as a firm to develop closer ties with London-based law firms as well as UK and European clients for China-related work. At the same time, working in coordination with partner firms in the local London and European markets, we will be able to provide the full range of legal services for our Chinese clients going to the UK and Europe.”

  • According to the 2010 China Capital Markets Legal System Development Report released by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhong Lun ranked second among Chinese law firms in securities volume with respect to listings on the Main Board Market (15 clients) and ChiNext Board Market (9 clients) and was among the best in other fields, including refinancing of listed companies, mergers and reorganisations of listed companies and overseas issuance of securities.

  • On 15 February 2011, the opening ceremony of “Legal Services to Drive the Development of Zhongguancun Initiative”, a project co-initiated by the Beijing Justice Bureau and the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, took place at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. Zhang Xuebing, Zhong Lun’s managing partner and president of the Beijing Lawyers Association, signed on the association’s behalf a cooperation agreement with the science park and received a banner of honor as the leader of the legal service team to the Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Zone. The banner was given by Zhao Fengtong, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee.

    As one of the first ten legal service providers, Guo Kejun, a Zhong Lun partner, represented the firm in accepting an award, together with representatives of the other nine law firms. The opening ceremony was attended by Wang Anshun, Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Beijing Committee, President of the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and Zhao Fengtong, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Office of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Secretary of the CPC Haidian District Committee. The attendees also included leaders from the Beijing Justice Bureau, the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and justice bureaus at the district and county level, as well as responsible persons from several Beijing municipal departments, the heads of various industry associations and the media.

    Peter Ni (Ni Yongjun), the former head of White & Case’s greater China tax practice, recently joined Zhong Lun to head the tax practice group. Mr. Ni will focus on developing Zhong Lun’s tax practice.

    On 21 February 2011, Zhu Maoyuan, a Zhong Lun partner, and Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University law school, signed a RMB 1 million donation agreement at Peking University to establish the Maoyuan Academic and Innovation Fund for the faculty of the law school. According to the agreement, the fund aims to foster academic goals and honor teachers for their outstanding academic performance. The fund committee will evaluate the faculty’s academic publications in key national academic journals and other research and teaching activities to identify and reward excellence to inspire dedication in academic research and teaching, with the aim of cultivating legal talent and strengthening fundamental legal education.

  • On 9 January 2011, Zhong Lun and Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson, an international law firm based in Hong Kong, signed an agreement of association and merger. Zhong Lun’s Hong Kong office will provide legal services for international clients in association with Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson from 1 February 2011.

    Zhong Lun Managing Partner Zhang Xuebing, Co-managing Partner Anthony Qiao, Zhou Yun from the Shanghai office, and Guo Jinglian from the Shenzhen office also attended the signing ceremony. Zhang Xuebing, Roger Ho from Roger Ho & Co., and Victor Yang from Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson signed the agreement.

    Zhong Lun opened its Hong Kong office in early 2010 in association with Roger Ho & Co. Under the agreement, Roger Ho & Co will merge into Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson, which will then work with Zhong Lun. As required by the Hong Kong Bar Association, upon the expiration of a three-year cooperation period, Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson will officially merge with and become part of Zhong Lun’s Hong Kong office.

    We are pleased to announce that Robert Lewis, the former head of Lovells’ (now Hogan Lovells) Beijing office, recently joined Zhong Lun as the firm’s international managing partner. Mr. Lewis will be a member of the firm’s global management committee and will work side by side with Zhong Lun Managing Partner Zhang Xuebing to help coordinate the firm’s international strategy and promote the firm’s international cooperation and business development. Mr. Lewis will also work closely with Zhong Lun’s Hong Kong office.

  • Zhong Lun entered into a cooperative alliance focused on providing legal services in China and Japan with leading Japanese law firm Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu. The alliance will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation through the exchange of personnel, the joint publication of information, case related cooperation, staff training, and the research and discussion of legal issues, etc. for three years beginning 1 December 2010. The firms also will build efficient communications channels to ensure the smooth exchange of information and views. 
    Nagashima has offices in Tokyo and New York and is a full service provider of international and commercial legal services with approximately 350 lawyers (including foreign-licensed lawyers). Both law firms have been exploring options to further enhance their capacity to provide a higher level of client services. Zhong Lun is convinced that joining forces with Nagashima is a “win-win” situation that will generate a strong boost in both firms’ businesses. 
  • On 2 September 2010, a delegation of government officials from Beijing’s Chaoyang District, led by Vice District Mayor Wu Guiying, visited Zhong Lun’s Beijing office during a research trip in the city’s Central Business District (CBD). Zhong Lun’s managing partner and president of the Beijing Lawyers Association, Zhang Xuebing, greeted the delegation, which also included officials from the district commerce department, development and reform commission, justice bureau, state assets supervision and administration commission, government office, legislative affairs office and the CBD management committee. Zhang Xuebing, joined by Zhong Lun’s Zhu Maoyuan, Liu Yuming, Yang Yuhong, Cheng Jun and Wang Xiaoying, led a tour of the office and briefly introduced the firm’s main practice areas, personnel and scale.

    At the invitation of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law, Chinese anti-monopoly/competition law specialists Wu Peng, Michael Gu (Gu Zhengping) and Xue Yi jointly delivered special presentations on the Second Anniversary of Implementing China’s Anti-monopoly Law Retrospection at an anti-monopoly seminar in Tokyo, Japan.

    Zhang Xuebing, Managing Partner of Zhong Lun, John Jiang, head of Zhong Lun’s Hong Kong office, and Nicholas Anstee, the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the City of London, jointly delivered a speech titled Development of the Legal Profession in China, the Case of Zhong Lun and East – West Cooperation at a dialogue session held in the Westin Hotel Financial Street, Beijing on 14 September 2010. The event was organized by the British Chinese Law Association in association with Zhong Lun.

    Zhong Lun Law Firm and Japanese Mirai Consulting, Inc. co-hosted seminars on Sino-Japanese investment strategies in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo in early September. On 9 - 10 August 2010, Zhong Lun and Mirai held a seminar on Japan Strategies for Chinese Enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai. Zhong Lun partners Wu Peng and Li Hairong and Mirai’s Executive Director Mitsuo Kubo delivered presentations on the new need for cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises, the acquisition of Japanese enterprises by Chinese enterprises, and new opportunities, new models and successful strategies in attracting Japanese investment by Chinese enterprises. The seminar also provided information to participating enterprises on several investment projects.

    The Social Innovation Forum 2010 was held in Shanghai on 15 September 2010. As a significant part of the Social Innovation Carnival, the forum was sponsored by the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange) and Non-Profit Incubator (NPI), co-sponsored by the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) and British Council China, and supported by Grameen Foundation USA and the Fosun Group of Shanghai. More than 500 NGO representatives, entrepreneurs, government officials and scholars gathered at the forum to conduct in-depth discussions on new philanthropy and social innovation under the theme of cross border cooperation and innovation. Zhong Lun partner Huo Wei of the Beijing office was invited to attend and deliver a speech as a special guest.

    Zhong Lun announced the launch of its Chengdu office on 27 September 2010.

  • From 11 – 13 May 2010, Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading information provider, hosted the Legal Executive Briefing 2010 in California. Zhong Lun Managing Partner Zhang Xuebing attended this year’s briefing, together with managing partners from over 100 top law firms from around the world. This year’s briefing addressed current and future management, innovation and leadership trends in the legal industry. The attendees took part in one-on-one sessions, and representatives from well-known companies, law firms, accounting firms and research institutions delivered in-depth presentations. The Briefing concluded with a keynote speech by Madeleine K. Albright, the first female secretary of state of the United States.

  • A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck China’s western Qinghai province on 14 April 2010. Zhong Lun responded quickly and on 15 April withdrew RMB 50,000 from its charity fund and donated it through the Chinese Red Cross’ emergency donation site to help people in the affected areas. The ongoing drought in Southwest China also moved Zhong Lun to donate RMB 100,000.

    Zhong Lun lawyers and staff donated an additional RMB 30,000 to the quake-stricken areas in southern Qinghai province in response to a call from the Beijing Lawyers Association for donations from law firms and lawyers in the city. The association will transfer all donations to the affected areas by the end of this month.

  • Zhong Lun is pleased to announce the opening of the firm’s Hong Kong office on 16 October 2009. On 22 January 2010, the firm hosted a ceremony to celebrate the opening. The president of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Huen Wong, and Simon Galpin, the director general of Hong Kong Investment Promotion attended and spoke at the ceremony. Zhong Lun Managing Partner Zhang Xuebing said, "Having an office in Hong Kong is the most important step for a mainland-based law firm in its global expansion into the world legal service market. The opening of our Hong Kong office will surely provide our clients with better services in their investment, financing and other business activities". The office operates in association with local Hong Kong firm Roger Ho & Co. Mr. Ho is a veteran corporate finance and capital markets lawyer and is a qualified lawyer in Virginia, Australia, Hong Kong and England and Wales.

  • On 21 May 2009, with the approval of the bar council of the CPC Chaoyang District Committee, Zhong Lun announced the establishment of its CPC Beijing Committee General Party Branch Committee. The launch ceremony was held on the same day. At the ceremony, the secretary of the Zhong Lun General Party Branch Committee, Liu Yuming, and General Party Branch Committee member and managing partner, Zhang Xuebing, addressed the audience with respect to several related matters, including the need to actively respond to the Chaoyang District bar council’s call for in-depth study and practice of the scientific view of development.


    On 31 May 2009, Zhong Lun hosted a symposium on international arbitration in Beijing. Key speakers included Liu Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and Cao Lijun, a Zhong Lun partner and arbitrator with the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (commonly known as CIETAC). The symposium was hosted by Zhu Maoyuan, a senior partner at Zhong Lun.

  • The Beijing Lawyers Association convened its 8th Beijing Lawyers Annual Meeting on 27 - 29 March 2009 at the Beijing Convention Center. 228 lawyer representatives and 29 special delegates from 1200 Beijing law firms attended the meeting. The meeting elected new leadership for the Beijing Lawyers Association’s board of directors and board of supervisors. Zhong Lun’s Zhang Xuebing was elected President of the BLA, an industry association formed by local lawyers comprising more than 1000 law firms and 20,000 lawyers in the city. As president, Mr. Zhang will be responsible for the overall management of the BLA during his three-year term. 

  • On 8 January 2009, the Construction Times held an awards ceremony for “Legal Pioneers”, as well as a legal symposium on legal issues related to the construction industry, in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The ceremony was designed to publicize the efforts and contributions of the current Legal Pioneer winners in developing the legal system for the construction industry over China’s 30 years’ reform and opening up. Legal Pioneer winners are all outstanding and influential figures from judicial, academic, legal and business circles. Zhong Lun is pleased to announce that Senior Partner Zhu Maoyuan was recognized as a Legal Pioneer during the awards ceremony.


    To meet the growing demands of our business, Zhong Lun’s Beijing office moved to Floor 36-37, SK building from 19 January 2009. The new office has 6000 square meters of floor space, a gigabit to the desktop internal internet and an advanced communications system.

  • Zhong Lun is honored to announce that partners Zhang Xuebing from the Beijing office and Anthony Qiao from the Shanghai office were elected as directors of the All China Lawyers Association at the seventh National Lawyers Congress, which was held in Beijing on 27 October 2008.


    Zhong Lun senior partners Anthony Qiao, Zhu Maoyuan, Lai Jihong and Zhang Hua recently attended a real estate financing summit titled "Investment in China", which was hosted by Stanley & Partners, Bloomberg and Fortune Magazine in Hangzhou 29 - 30 October 2008. 

  • Zhong Lun hosted a banquet to welcome a visiting delegation from the American Bar Association at the Beijing Capital Club on 11 July 2008. Zhong Lun partners Zhang Xuebing, Wang Lihuag, Gong Lefan, Julia Kong, Dai Guanchun and Liu Yulin attended the dinner.


    Firm management agreed to change the legal name of the firm to “Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm” from “Zhonglun Jintong Law Firm”. The change will take effect from 16 July 2008. “Zhong Lun Law Firm” has been our name since the firm was founded in 1993. The term “Zhong Lun” comes from The Analects of Confucius Weizi 18.8: “Yan Zhong Lun, Xing Zhong Lv.” (Words correspond with ethics, actions correspond with caution.) In Chunqiu fanlu (“Rich dew of the Spring and Autumn Classic”), written by the Han period Confucian scholar Dong Zhongshu, there is also a saying, “Such a man is called wise: his actions are in accordance with reason, and his words meet contemporary expectations.”  

  • On 12 May 2008 the deadliest earthquake in Chinese history hit Southwest China, taking tens of thousands of lives. The firm and its people immediately took up donations for the affected areas. As at 6 o’clock on 16 May, the partners and staff had donated over RMB 360,000. Combined with a RMB 200,000 donation by the firm, Zhong Lun’s total donations to date exceed RMB 560,000.


    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade hosted a “Sino-Korean Economic Luncheon Meeting” on 28 May 2008 during which Mr. Lee Myung-bak, who is visiting China for the first time after taking office as president of South Korea, gave a keynote speech. Zhong Lun partners Wu Peng, Xu Yunhe and Jiang Zhe were invited to attend.

  • On 11 March 2008, a legal team was established to provide legal advice in relation to the 2008 Olympic Games. The team was composed of 25 top lawyers who are capable of speaking various foreign languages fluently. The formation ceremony took place in Beijing.


    Zhang Xue-bing, Zhong Lun’s managing partner, was proud to be appointed as the co-head of the team. Another partner of the firm, Cai Yaozhong was also selected to the team. Together with the other 23 members, the team will play an important role in supporting the 2008 Olympics Games by serving as special counsel responsible for dealing with urgent legal matters that may come up during the Games.


    The Beijing Electronic Commerce Association launched the 2008 Year of the Olympics - Beijing “Ethical Online Business” initiative on 13 March 2008 at Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau. The initiative is under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Office of Informatization and the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. Zhong Lun partner Chen Jihong was invited to attend the ceremony and deliver a speech.