Our History

Founded in 1993, Zhong Lun Law Firm is one of the first partnership law firms in the PRC. With effect from April 17, 2012, it has been restructured into a limited liability partnership in accordance with the law. After years of rapid and steady growth, today Zhong Lun has established itself as one of the largest full-service law firms in China, with over 420 equity partners and more than 2,500 professionals working in eighteen offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Haikou, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Almaty. Our in-depth expertise and close inter-department collaborations enable us to provide clients with high-quality legal services in more than 60 jurisdictions across a wide range of industries and sectors.



Our Culture

Professionalism, initiative, inclusion and sharing are the core values of Zhong Lun, which underpin Zhong Lun’s development and are championed by Zhong Lun people.  With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Zhong Lun partners join their clients at the front lines to actively resolve disputes and transactional issues. Through their dedication Zhonglun has achieved a leading market position today. In recent years, the number of Zhong Lun partners recognized by Chambers Asia-Pacific industry guides has surpassed all other Chinese law firms. We also share a collaborative spirit and are structured to ensure that only the most appropriate professional team takes responsibility for your case.



Our Future

Zhong Lun is driven by the mission to attract professional elites, create social value and help to build the rule of law.  We are proud of our achievements, but we know we still have room to grow. Our continued investment in management systems, technology development and in-house training has laid a solid foundation for the future. Our efforts not only continue to open new frontiers in the domestic market, but also to lead our Chinese clients to go further in the field of overseas investment. Through our cooperative networks with first tier national and regional law firms, we strive to be the leading foreign investment law firm.
Our vision is to forge Zhong Lun into China’s best law firm and to actively participate in the process of promoting the rule of law in China.

Our vision is to consolidate our leading position in China, join the ranks of world-renowned law firms, create time-honored legacy and proactively participate in the process of promoting the rule of law in China.



Industry Contributions

Our partners actively contribute to the development of China's legal industry. Zhonglun's founding partner, Zhang Xuebing, served as the president of the influential Beijing Lawyers Association twice and also the vice president of the 9th All-China Lawyers Association. Many of our other partners also hold leadership positions with bar associations throughout China and act as mentors for legal practitioners across the country and as guides for domestic and foreign businesses, imparting substantive legal knowledge as well as practice skills.



Our Responsibility

As a large-scale full service law firm, Zhong Lun pays special attention to social responsibility and public feedback. In the early days, Zhonglun conscientiously joined a number of social welfare causes. The Zhong Lun Charity Foundation was established on 7 May 2014 with the approval of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Formerly established as a charitable fund inside Zhong Lun in early 2010, the foundation has evolved through the years. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Zhong Lun’s partners, associates and staff, the foundation has grown into an official charity with increased fundraising, enlarged and diversified operations, improved governance and project management, and a full set of well-established policies and rules.



World Law Group

By establishing multi-dimensional and multi-channel rapport with overseas law firms, Zhong Lun has built a diversified and far-reaching global platform to more effectively provide clients with comprehensive and one-stop legal services. Zhong Lun is the only law firm in China that has joined the World Law Group. Established in 1988, World Law Group is one of the oldest and largest global networks of independent business law firms, with more than 21,000 legal professionals in 92 countries. As a worldwide strategic alliance, WLG has been developing selective growth strategies in international and regional business centers since its inception in 1988. Its members are the fastest growing large firms, many of which are leading firms in their home markets, consistently recognized by clients and peers as “top tier” across a broad range of practice areas and industries. Many are recognized by Chambers & Partners, Legal500, the International Financial Law Review and other industry arbiters as top national law firms year after year. WLG adopts a strict new member selection system, and generally selects only one member firm in each country or region. WLG regularly reviews each member firm's performance, market position and level of commitment to WLG objectives to ensure that its standards are maintained and continuously improved.