Banking & Financial Services


Banking & Financial Services

We have been a longstanding player in banking and financial services for more than 20 years and have accumulated extensive experience and abundant resources in the financial market supervised and regulated by the People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and China Securities Regulatory Commission. In addition to Chinese and international banks, which have long been our strategic clients specialized in traditional financial activities, we also serve non-banking financial institutions and various innovative financial service providers, including high-profile funds, trusts, securities companies, asset management companies, financial leasing companies, and payment companies.


Drawing on our close study and deep understanding of the financial market trends, financial laws and regulations, and regulatory logics, our lawyers work closely with our clients on structuring of financial products, performance of transactional documents, and prevention of financial risks. Our diligence and professionalism are highly regarded among clients and widely recognized in the market, justifying consistent awards to our group by heavyweight legal rating agencies, including Chambers, ALB, and IFLR


We not only are active in counseling on day-to-day operations of financial institutions, but also play a prominent role in their decision making on substantial matters, such as corporate governance, equity financing, compliance, and financial disputes. With a strong foothold in the Chinese financial market and close ties with international markets, we are instrumental in a large number of complicated cross-border financial transactions and financial compliance mandates.

Scope of Services

  • Establishment and modification of financial institutions, including establishment and opening of new institutions, share transfer, and introduction of strategic investment
  • Credit and security, including trade finance, syndicated loans, cross-border loans, and overseas project financing
  • Financial products, including funds, trusts, asset management, and wealth management
  • Debt capital markets, including bond issuance and asset securitization
  • Intermediary business of financial institutions, including payment and settlement, custody, underwriting, and financial derivatives
  • Compliance matters, including establishment of compliance system, shareholder qualification review, governmental review and approval, antitrust, anti-money laundering, and financial sanctions
  • Non-performing asset disposal, debt restructuring, and debt crisis management
  • M&A loans and privatization financing
  • Factoring and supply chain finance
  • Financial leasing for aircrafts, vessels, and large equipment
  • Consumer finance, including automobile finance and small consumer loans
  • Real estate financing, including mortgage loans, cross-border parallel loans, and mezzanine loans
  • Long-term counseling services for financial institutions regarding corporate governance, labor relations, and consumer protection, among others
  • Financial dispute resolution