The immense scale of China’s healthcare market and its continuous and significant growth are encouraging, but rapid growth tends to be a recipe for enormous risks, which makes cautious decision making and professional counseling ever more indispensable. Our healthcare group has years of experience providing leading players in this market with practical solutions and advice, and helping health facilities, pharmaceutical group companies, and medical schools avoid and control legal risks effectively while providing healthcare services, so they can increase management efficiency and reduce operational costs.


We boast a strong team of solid expertise and ample experience. For more than a decade, our lawyers have been keeping tabs on changes in public health policies, laws and regulations and communicating with medical experts, thus gaining a deep insight into the development and future trends of the healthcare industry. To enable our clients to offer safe and efficient healthcare products, we have introduced a compliance and legal risk management system to help the industry participants ramp up their competitiveness in four key ways: tightly control the quality of medical services; improve patients’ experience; implement brand management to enhance trustworthiness; and set up standardized healthcare service procedures.


In recent years, the internet and big data have seen increasingly wide application in the healthcare industry. We are up to speed with that latest development and have the capabilities to provide top-notch solutions to policy challenges and legal issues that our clients may encounter during their provision of “internet plus” healthcare services. This may help liberate healthcare professionals from worries over potential litigation and fully utilize new technologies to serve society with the first-rate effectiveness and efficiency.

Scope of Services

  • Compliance system establishment and risk management: providing routine compliance counseling; identifying and assessing compliance risks; advising on compliance management of business partners; conducting internal corporate compliance investigations; responding to governmental regulation and controlling mass incidents and crises; formulating compliance guidance for company management and employees and providing compliance training; and building comprehensive compliance systems.
  • Comprehensive management of healthcare facilities: advising on decision making and structuring of large medical group companies, procurement of medicines and medical devices, risk control of medical cooperation, ethical reviews of medical experiments, tendering and tender, capital construction, use of government allocated funds, disposal of non-performing assets, and tackling of leftover issues of China’s reformation of public-sector entities.
  • Prevention of legal risks: assisting businesses in obtaining required licenses and permits, including permits for clinical trials and drug traceability codes; reviewing promotion models of drugs and medical devices, handling arbitration and litigation involving disputes over medical products; regularly updating clients with significant changes in healthcare laws and policies and formulating necessary contingency plans; and dealing with disputes over drug and medical device related infringement.
  • Investment, financing, and M&As: assisting clients in formulating feasible M&A, investment, or financing plans in line with their local laws, regulations, and policies and in taking related risk control measures.
  • Reformation and restructuring: advising state-owned enterprises and public institutions on their privatization of by way of obtaining investments from private sectors and on their mixed ownership reforms, both of which involve reform and restructuring of rights and interests such as ownership, income, and management right.
  • Anti-commercial bribery, internal investigations, and response to external regulation: representing clients in responding to regulation conducted by law enforcement authorities to reduce risks of incurring administrative penalties; helping clients conduct internal investigations to eliminate uncertainties and reduce legal risks; tapping our international service network to respond to anti-bribery and anti-corruption investigations conducted by overseas regulators.
  • Dispute resolution: representing clients in various disputes arising in their production and operations, including disputes over healthcare services, pharmaceutical products and medical devices, scientific research cooperation and contracts, healthcare liability, and labor and employment.