Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences


Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
We provide one-stop, high-caliber services to meet the varied needs of clients of different sectors and in different development stages by virtue of our integrated service platform. We have a seasoned and influential bench consisting of dozens of partners and associates who have served years in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector. With solid expertise and abundant experience, as well as a deep insight into the patterns and trends of this sector, our lawyers actively participate in research and formulation of public policies and innovation of transaction types and models.
As a market leader in the legal services related to pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and life sciences, we never deviate from our continued efforts to increase the scope and sophistication of our services and enhance the innovation of our service models. Our work spans sub-sectors of new drugs, bioproducts, reagents, pharmaceuticals, CRO, CDMO, medical devices, gene-editing, gene sequencing, and genetic diagnosis, human body data collection and monitoring, bio-equivalence; distribution of drugs; health foods; cosmetics; biomedical funds, and incubation platforms. With a wide range of capabilities covering the entire industry chain, we provide services encompassing incorporation, financing, incentive plan, in-license, out-license and protection of intellectual property, M&A, IPO, compliant operation, anti-corruption, antitrust, dispute resolution, and other matters. Keeping abreast with the latest policies and development models of the industry, we are both down-to-earth and forward-looking in our services, which helps us maintain a widely respected profile in the market. 

Scope of Services

  • Investment, financing, M&A, and restructuring, including investment in shares, equities, or interests in, and financing and M&As of corporate and non-corporate entities in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector; establishment, fundraising, liquidation, dissolution, and daily management of PE funds or VC funds investing in this sector, as well as investment by and M&As and exit of these funds; and the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, public institutions, and non-profit organizations, and conversion of them into businesses. 
  • Domestic and overseas capital markets, including pre-IPO transformation and restructuring, pre-IPO PE financing, corporate governance of listed companies, daily capital market legal services for listed companies, domestic and overseas IPOs and listings, acquisition of listed companies, backdoor listings, refinancing of listed companies, and major asset restructuring of listed companies.
  • Entity governance and compliance, including designing a framework of and reviewing internal rules for pharmaceuticals and life sciences businesses regarding drug R&D and trials, product marketing, third-party management, and other matters; providing review comments on compliance of internal rules, with our services covering the whole operating process of pharmaceutical businesses, including industry access and regulation, academic activities, interaction between pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare service providers, digital marketing, online sale of drugs, and cross-border medical and pharmaceutical e-commerce; and providing compliance training to the management, employees, and business partners of businesses in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector.
  • Administration and regulation of medical products, advising clients on administration and regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including compliance of product R&D and clinical trials; product registration, manufacturing, distribution, packaging, and marketing; adverse drug events; product recall; tendering and bidding; antitrust; and price control.
  • Intellectual property, providing clients with cross-region, comprehensive, professional, and innovative services based on our deployment of specialist teams working at offices in global metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, London, and New York. Our services cover cross-border M&As, new drug launches, drug R&D, patent portfolio, transfer, cooperation, development, and licensing of technology, and intellectual property related dispute resolution. 
  • Compliance investigations, including representing businesses in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector in responding to criminal and administrative law enforcement actions by competent authorities; cooperating with overseas lawyers in responding to anti-corruption and anti-bribery investigations conducted by overseas regulators; and advising clients on internal investigations of anti-commercial bribery, compliance reviews on business partners, and other compliance investigations.
  • Dispute resolution, representing pharmaceuticals and life sciences clients in relevant disputes, including disputes over contracts, distributorship agreements, and clinical trials of drugs, medical liability, and monopoly and unfair competition.