Financial Products & Trusts


Financial Products & Trusts

Our financial products and trusts group is committed to promoting innovation in the financial industry and providing clients with well-rounded, meticulous, and practical solutions and extensive, high-quality, and timely services on financial matters in the Chinese mainland  and abroad. Our largest client base is financial institutions, including banks, securities companies, trust companies, fund management companies, insurance companies, and local financial organizations under the regulation of local financial authorities. We also provide services to financial industrial organizations and international financial organizations.


Our asset securitization practice is at the forefront in China thanks to the joint efforts of multiple partners, mutual support among various teams, and integrated services provided by all sub-divisions of the asset securitization practice. Our partners are highly influential in the market. To promote a healthy development of China’s asset securitization market, we led the establishment of the China Securitization Forum ( in 2006.


Similarly, we also enjoy considerable reputation in trust service market. Our clientele includes every prominent trust company in China. Our services extend to real estate trusts, securities investment trusts, PE trusts, and family trusts, among other trusts, and span a broad range of high caliber work, including scheme design, due diligence, transaction documents drafting, provision of legal opinions, transaction negotiation, and post-investment management.

Scope of Services

  • Asset securitization, including credit asset securitization, corporate asset securitization, and asset-backed notes
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Trusts, including real estate trusts, securities investment trusts, PE trusts, and family trusts, among others
  • Asset management plans, including fundraising, investment, management, and liquidation
  • Insurance, including life insurance, property insurance, insurance asset management, and handling of insurance related disputes
  • Establishment, modification, restructuring, and liquidation of banks and other financial institutions
  • Financial compliance, including compliance review and planning counseling
  • Financial derivatives
  • Other financial products